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  1. LOL... I can so see the ACEr's totally freaking out because of the wheel. C'mon people, it's a freaking wheel! Sorta cool, yes. But why the hell would you try to buy it off someone? It's not that cool. Anyway, looks like you guys had a good time.
  2. As stated, at Dueling Dragons I have always been required to sit on my flip flops when I was wearing them. On many inverted rides it is highly reccommended and almost everyone does with loose fitting shoes or loose sandals. (Batman, Floorless Frisbee, etc.)
  3. Wow... it looks like Universal really pulled off a nice event! Thanks for the TR!
  4. But how would the GP know which was the ripoff? They'd consider them to be similar rides. And, if the jeep ride was similar enough to the plot of the film, I think people would think that the ride would be pretty darn cool.
  5. About Deja Vu... it was seriously working well this year. Other years? Eh, not so much. But it was working as well as it could ever possibly work this year. It was probably down due to staffing. Apparently the waterfall was damaging the structure of the tunnel, so they had to turn it off. A tad disappointing, as they used to always have it on. Also, on my last visit, the lights were working (and they are actually very effective), so that's kind of disappointing. SFGAm is a great park when it's not crowded. When it is crowded, it turns sort of bad. Luckily, Great America does benefit from efficient crews and some good employees. It's a lot better than what other Six Flags can do. I'm glad to hear that you guys enjoyed American Eagle. It's probably my favorite ride in the park, just for the fact that the red side is truly amazing in the front seat. What did you guys about it?
  6. I think a flyer would totally ruin the atmosphere of the Jurassic Park area. It's so tranquil and nice... I'm more in favor for the Jeep Ride, however, I don't believe it will ever happen. But I think there are tons of possibilities for the Jurassic Park area, and hopefully Universal will put something in there.
  7. Riding any coaster more than once backwards seems like death to me. I would get really nauseous after like two rides. Plus, factor in the roughness of the coaster, and it would be damn awful! American Eagle is a pretty smooth coaster, but the helices beat you to death going backwards. And haven't I heard that Colossus is horrendously rough?
  8. Sorry, but Iowa totally owns Nebraska in terms of corn. Don't hate! This TR reminds me that I need to get down to MI some time to hit up the parks. Anyway, nice TR!
  9. ^^ In Europe, it is common practice to have to pay for restrooms in public places. Anyway, great TR! The photos were great and the parks interesting.
  10. We all loved Dinosaur and thought it was a great ride. Ah well... Anywho, nice TR!
  11. The army has always (at least recently) aimed its marketing campaigns towards the lower-income households and areas. Will this poorly written slogan really be noticed where most recruits sign on?
  12. ^ Duh! Who doesn't? Anyway, I've always found the pet snake cages to be stinky... to please be aware of that before you get one. Also, some breeds of snakes get very large, so realize that also.
  13. Wow... that OSTR looks pretty cool. It looks like the lapbar version of the train with a harness instead of the single bar. This is looking pretty promising!
  14. ^ I know! That could be one of the worst combinations ever! I would have puked had I tried to eat it.
  15. What a shame. It looks like the ride had a pretty darn good layout, and the setting looks extremely cool. Ah well... what can you do? Parks make crappy decisions.
  16. Dude... the ferris wheel doors aren't supposed to lock. We have one just like that at my home park. And the Falling Star can be a really badass ride, if it's run with a good program. Again, at my homepark, they have one that is still run in insane mode, and it gives amazing airtime. A truly crazy ride. Looks like you guys had fun!
  17. Very cool! It's amazing what illusions can be made simply using art.
  18. LOL... gotta love the waterless urinals. Couldn't any urinal technically be waterless? Just shut off the water to them, and bam!, waterless urinal.
  19. Sheetz is almost as good of a name for a gas station as the infamous Kum and Go's that litter Iowa. Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time. Flying Turns looks great, as does the rest of the park.
  20. Don't most flume rides in the US have a ride op manned in a booth before the final drop? That's probably to keep incidents like this from happening.
  21. Wow... what a great looking park. EGF looks amazing, especially with all the trees around it. Reminds me of a super-sized, intense Whizzer. Great TR!
  22. I don't think the lap bars can be used with looping rides... the first post says that a "vest-type" system is still in development for the inverting rides. If Vekoma could continually make the quality products they make for Disney, they could really be in the competition.
  23. It doesn't seem that bad... Anyway, are they doing the blood river/flume/rapids ride at any Six Flags park this year? I don't believe SFGAm is doing it, but they've done it every year prior to this on Roaring Rapids. Anyone know more? Nice TR! Your TR's are always a fun and enjoyable read.
  24. Whenever I play, the stupid game always ends in a tie. _ _ X _ _ _ _ _ _ Let's see who wins--X or O. Just copy the board above, delete the space you want, and put an X or O in its place. It's O's turn.
  25. Nice TR! What was the drop of doom on Cheetah Chase? We were braked so hard on that ride that we nearly came to a stop before each drop. Could've been a good ride... too bad.
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