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  1. Arrow actually designed Demon with a safety system in the trains that would stop it if there was a malfunction with any part of the wheel assembly. The axle (and some other part of the wheel assembly) did break in one of the cars, engaging the safety system, stopping the train in the second loop. No one was hurt. However, a much more scary incident happened with the Mindbender at West Edmonton Mall. There was no safety system in place, like the Demon had for wheel assembly malfunctions, and they think the cause of the accident was because of faulty maintainence. Three people died in the incindent, after their car slammed into a concrete wall. You can read about it here: http://schwarzkopf.coaster.net/ESmindbender-edmontonHF.htm
  2. Eh... that's a little bizzare. But, if you owned a theme park, you'd have to change the restraints if someone fell out, or sell the ride. In today's society, you just have to act in that way.
  3. I don't think they should have used bottomless tubes on Crush N' Gusher... looks like you could have your ass blasted by those high pressure jets, espically if your larger, cause your raft would sag down.
  4. ^ Dude, you have so many parks and coasters to visit in California... here in Iowa and the rest of the midwest, we freeze our butts off until summer, when it's deathly hot. In addition, there is one major park in Iowa, one small one. I'm three hours away from Adventureland, in Des Moines, and three hours away from Six Flags Great America. Kyle "Don't be complaining" W.
  5. ^ They won't stop adding new logs until they figure out that, "Gee... if we have such a capacity nightmare, maybe we should widen the trough and the logs... wait... no. We're California, and we've got to suck in everything about theme parks."
  6. ^ 75 minutes? That's crazy- I've never seen Dueling Dragons over 15-30... maybe I'll actually have to use my hotel express pass on it... there was never any use for it before then at Dueling Dragons.
  7. I'm going on the 25-29... if they don't have the third train on Hulk, it's going to be chaos. But, I've never seen Dueling Dragons with all three trains running, and I go about this time each year. Dueling Dragons usually keeps the lines moving pretty well with just two trains on each track.
  8. I live in the huge town of Bettendorf, Iowa.* Anyways, both Adventureland in Des Moines and Six Flags Great America are equal distance from me. (About three hours.) *Yeah right.
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