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  1. Very cool... It seems like the industry is seeing many more new rides. Zamperla is finally making some good rides, Vekoma is making smooth coasters, and Gerstlauer has some really cool layouts. Maurer Shone also seems to have some cool products. Yet the Intamin/B&M booths remain unchanged, year after year (especially true for B&M). While I understand that the B&M's sell themselves right now, one day B&M will be faced with their reality: change or be left behind. As I have said, B&M is offering nothing new to the industry. And the industry is saturated with their giant steel monsters. The parks that don't have a B&M are the ones that can't afford one. Eventually B&M will need to get some new products. They can't simply sit there and try to peddle a product that every major park already has. Meanwhile, (the new) Vekoma and other manufacturers are really upping the competition against B&M and Intamin. They are creating new, fun attractions at nearly the same quality level as B&M and Intamin at a fraction of the price. Vekoma has finally gotten their product down, gone is the old, poor quality Vekomas of yeteryear, here are the 'new' Vekomas. The same goes for many other manufacturers which are proving themselves to the world. I believe that the industry is about to have some major changes.
  2. LMAO, from the official rules: "In addition, in order for a resident of Canada to be declared a winner, he/she must first correctly answer, without assistance of any kind in ascertaining the correct answer, whether mechanical or otherwise, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered in person or by mail or telephone, at Sponsor's option." Only Canada would test your math skills in order to be able to win a prize.
  3. LMAO... so great. I like how they were the only ones on the rides, though. And the only ones in the ice bar. Muy interesante.
  4. I'm probably get the Wii after launch sometime. The PS3 has no chance with me... there's no way that I am paying that much for a virtually unchanged gaming experience over the PS2. What it does have over the PS2 does not make me want to pay that much (graphics, blu-ray).
  5. I can't say I'm suprised. Two things that made me guess that it would be a show: (1) Great America recieving a new show (2) "Entertainment" in the press release. I know a whole crapload of people are going to be unhappy about this. But, before you make any harsh generalizations, see the show. See how it is. Just don't complain until you see what it truly is going to be like. In fact, you SFOT-ians should be pretty happy that your park will stay open until 11 each night during most the summer! This totally reverses the trend that parks have been using. Who knows, this show could be pretty damn good! Just give it a chance, okay?
  6. Certain rides just wouldn't work for this. Ahem, Deja Vu... when you go back up the first tower to slow down, ouch! That would be a beating for the twins.
  7. Capital Improvement: Any structure or component erected as a permanent improvement to real property that adds to its value and useful life. Perhaps sets, props, etc. could be considered a capital improvement? On one hand, a show seems so likely, but the definition of capital improvement is hazy as is the press release. We'll just have to see. Maybe it's a smaller ride in combination with a show...
  8. Isn't it the philosophy of Disney to include something for everyone in their parks? Buliding a thrill park would totally go against what Disney is about... families being together and having a great time. Walt Disney has the formula down pat. There is something for everyone at their parks. Thrill rides, dark rides, educational rides, great food, and much more. There is always a thrill ride or two in every Disney park, and they are always impeccable. Disney has a great variety of rides and experiences, and I would never trade that for a thrill park.
  9. Muy interesante... another rattly B&M Hypercoaster. Sounds like it has the same problem as Raging Bull. If this is the case, I don't think either park's maintainence is at fault. It must be a flaw in design, perhaps. Nice TR!
  10. I really want to be a foreign lanugage teacher (preferrably Spanish). I have known for a very long time that I want to be a teacher. I have considered other areas of education (mainly English, science, and history), but I found that I have a true skill/mastery in language skills and that I have a strong desire to teach in that discipline.
  11. FotografĂ­a -- Juanes Juanes is probably the best Latin artist to ever come on the scene. If you haven't heard any of his stuff, check it out! He has some real great stuff and a variety of styles.
  12. Stupid SFOT just had to steal our (Great America's) Trioka for a season... I missed it so much when I was at the park this year--it is one of the best flats ever created.
  13. Iowa hits CNN! Some of these things are so strange. I would have been a tad frightened if I was an employee there, both for my safety and the safety of the customers who are bound to do something stupid.
  14. LOL... so great. - Yeti Ball - Erik's Donkey Hat - My ET Hat Who knew stuffed animals could be so much fun?
  15. Notice the "entertainment" in "entertainment capital of Texas." It seems to me more likely that perhaps it will be a show rather than a ride. Perhaps similar to SFGAm's new show? A stunt show of some type? It just doesn't seem realistic to me that SFOT will get a huge new coaster. Especially now and with what is happening to the company.
  16. Six Flags Great America has always been one of the best-run Six Flags parks, if not the best. However, things did improve this year. - More friendly staff - Characters roaming - Quicker operations; maximum trains on all coasters. - Better entertainment options (cool County Fair stage show, parade, animal show) - All rides operating (minus those down mechanical) - Extremely clean restrooms/pathways - Park was virtually non-smoking (other than smoking areas) Even though Six Flags didn't have much to improve upon, they stepped it up even more, creating a great, family-friendly atmosphere. This is a model of what Shapiro wants (and the public wants too!). I have no complaints whatsoever about Six Flags Great America. Some may complain about the number of rides being down at SFGAm, but all those rides had serious mechanical difficulty. Revolution (a recalled Huss Frisbee) was down most of the season, but Great America managed to get it open for the last two weeks of the season. That takes dedication and responsibilty. Sky Trek Tower and Giant Drop both had problems towards the end of the season, but 50% of Giant Drop was fixed in time for Fright Fest. Every park has its problems, but how the parks handle these very problems show off the true character of the park. Six Flags Great America has reason to be proud of the season they have had, even with some of the serious mechanical problems they have dealt with.
  17. A very cool addition... I believe these shows have quite a bit of universal appeal (no pun intended). I have seen people of all ages attending (and enjoying!) their shows. Their combination of music, comedy, and audience interaction simply can't be beat--you are truly into the show, unlike some shows in which you just feel like you're watching a film.
  18. (1) The verb faire in French. (2) Doing math on computers really sucks (3) The history of the Han Dynasty (4) Being done with English 3200 feels great! (5) Chemistry labs are fun, especially when you watch the girls try to use the burners. (6) How to talk about art in Spanish, reviewed the differences between preterite and imperfect, and the present participle in Spanish.
  19. Muy interesante. I think that this, unlike other floorless coasters, will benefit from the floorless trains. The vertical drops (and holds), tunnels, and water splash will all benefit more from the floorless trains. My thought: the new trains may not add much, but they certainly won't take anything away from the ride--only positive (or neutral) things can come from this switch. There will be no hinderance from these trains. In fact, some elements of this coaster will be really cool with the floorless trains.
  20. It has been announced by IMAX that Spiderman 3 will be simotaneously released at IMAX theatres worldwide. If you want a superb theatre experience, with great clarity, a huge screen, and amazing sound, go see it IMAX. You won't regret it--these are the best theatres in the world. It's probably only less than $1 more than a normal theatre, and the experience is far worth it.
  21. pvcoasterguy


    Your car also must be endlessly labeled with bumper stickers of parks or of rides you have been on. True story... while we were going to SFGAm for marching band, we were passed by a light, sparkly-green VW beetle with personalized, coaster-themed license plates, and over 100 bumper sticker of parks/rides. It was scary.
  22. I can only hope that perhaps the power was out to those sad-looking halloween decorations. Thanks for posting! Your TR's are always very enjoyable.
  23. Yeah, the Arrow ride system does suck quite a bit. It's incredibly noisy, also. It sounds like: whurr, whurr, whurr, curchunk! It is also really rough in its movements. But what completely ruins the ending of the ride (the 'climax' ) is the annoying warning voice that tells you that you are turning around backwards.
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