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  1. ^ It's not possible to register for the sweepstakes on the internet without buying a season pass. The official rules tell how to enter if you do not want to buy a season pass.
  2. Very cool... sounds like Universal is pulling off another great event!
  3. Wow... attractive price. And it seems to be a really cool gaming experience. I think Mario Party will be crazy fun with this new controller-thingy, as will WarioWare. I'm very excited for this--the only time I've been excited for a video game system for a long while now. In fact, I haven't even touched my Playstation 2 for more than six months.
  4. Here's what I'd do: Take the picture down temporarily until you can sort out everything that happened. Talk to someone else in the company (HR), and see what comes of it. Also consider if you want to chance at the loss of a job. This can greatly effect your opinion. Just take some time to think, reflect, and then do what you think is right.
  5. You said you need scientific proof to put away your fears. However, aren't roller coasters designed to scare and thrill you? It's perfectly natural to be scared on a ride... But, they aren't just designed to scare and thrill you. They are designed to do that very thing time after time safely.
  6. Wow... nice TR! I'm looking forward to seeing the video. I've heard that Europeans are much more conservative drinkers than we Americans--they don't just see how much they can consume, but rather make the drinks last for awhile so they can stay up. Any truth to that? Because if they had Oktoberfest in America, I'm sure 100x more puke would be present, along with 100x more passed out people.
  7. (In correct order) Baton Rouge, Louisiana The Cajun Capital Beaumont, Texas The Stars of Eastern Texas Alexandria, Louisiana The Crossroads of Louisiana Houston, Texas City of Excitement Little Rock, Arkansas Where America Comes Together Hattiesburg, Mississippi Hub of South Mississippi Port Arthur, Texas The Stars of Eastern Texas McAllen, Texas City of Palms Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana Cities of Three Flags Lafayette (Cajun Country), Louisiana The Heart of French Louisiana Lakeland-Winter Haven, Florida Cities on the Lakes Jacksonville, Florida Florida’s First Coast Brownsville, Texas On the Border, By the Sea Monroe, Louisiana Twin Cities of the South Fort Worth, Texas Where the West Begins Orlando, Florida Florida’s Entertainment Capital Tallahassee, Florida Florida’s Grand Old Capital Norfolk, Virginia Heart of the Hampton Roads St. Petersburg, Florida The Sunshine City Delray Beach, Florida The All-American City Galveston, Texas An Island Oasis Killeen, Texas Star of Texas Hill Country Chattanooga, Tennessee City of Vision Las Cruces, New Mexico City of the Sun Very interesting--and cool!
  8. ^ Whoa... that's really cool. I know some people on this site would be really pleased if you posted some pictures of that coaster. Anyway, I've been on the following that are defunct (or believed to be, in the case of SFNO) Shockwave-SFGAm--my most missed ride Mega Zeph-SFNO--I don't think it will ever come back Jester-SFNO--Cool, crazy Vekoma Backwardsness... a tad rough. Batman: The Ride-SFNO--I suppose this one could be easily relocated... it's far above water level. Zydeco Scream-SFNO--Smooth Vekoma Boomerang Muskrat Scrambler-SFNO--Boring L&T mouse Python-BGT--Arrow Corkscrew... adios!
  9. Wow... that park looks really nice. From the Winjas to the nicely themed rides to Black Mamba... everything looks so well-kept and enjoyable.
  10. OMG! That looks sooo funny. What a great idea for a satire! I love Spanish film!
  11. Is it copying off Disney? Probably. But is the event as a whole a cooler idea? Probably. I don't know... it seems like a fun idea. Marketing points for SF season passes, and good PR. What could be better? (Umm... probably improving the chain as a whole like Shapiro promised would happen... and we know how that promise turned out. )
  12. The master blaster at the Kalahari (in Wis. Dells) is completely insane. The airtime on it is totally insane--ride with two people and you'll see this. Then, the 'crazy tunnel of doom' amazes me each time. It's taken very fast, and it's pitch black... you're sloshing around like crazy, and it's just an amazing slide.
  13. We're not. Coasters are designed to be able to make it through the course one way--they can't go the opposite way. However, turning the trains backwards still allows the coaster to go through the course the same way it was designed. Gravity would dictate that it would be impossible to simply bring a coaster like Colossus through the course backwards (starting with the brake run and ending with the lifthill.) It simply would never work. And it would suck too.
  14. ^ In all seriousness, the trains are just reversed and traverse the track in the same way as normal... the only difference is that, well, the trains are backwards. I also believe that brakes must be placed differently, anti-rollbacks placed differently, and the computer system must be updated to run the trains backwards. Also, some station work must happen... like lap bar releases must be changed around, along with any safety signs.
  15. I don't think so... I'm not so far into coasters that I know "Well this PTC train has 20000 bolts, so it'll be a better ride than the PTC with 1000 screws." LOL. Anyway, I have a very general knowledge of coasters. I don't let my knowledge impede on my trips, however. I do the normal park thing... hang out with friends... go with the flow. Once in a while, if someone asks me about a ride, I'll tell them... but I try just to enjoy the park and have a good time--not to point out all the bad things at the park and showcase my knowledge to everyone. Parks are supposed to be fun--don't overthink them!
  16. ^ LOL... Then you should be Jahan "Love DaCock": the sexy lifeguard. You would be Hurricane Harbor's newest attraction...
  17. These replies are amazing... Seriously though, they're just normal people, unlike Paul Ruben (though why would you want to meet the 'my new #1' guy?) You may run into them... they host a lot of things (ex: TPR parties, TPR trips, TPR meets) so I guess you could go to a TPR function and then you'd probably be able to fufill your great stalker-ish desire.
  18. ^ Hmm... I don't know all the iPod 'generations', but here's my experience with them. My Mini worked okay... but then it started having silly problems like not allowing me to play purchased songs. To this date it still works, but its battery life has been terrible since I got it. It lasts less that 20 minutes now, and it didn't last long after the day I got it. I didn't feel like spending a crapload of money to get the battery replaced, and instead bought a new Nano. My Nano (first issue), however, has worked perfectly this entire time. No problems whatsoever, and the battery still has the life that it originally had... no complaints.
  19. Hell no! When I went on American Eagle backwards, it was fun, but we all got the crap beat out of us. That helix is not kind to backwards riders. One ride was enough on that. I can't imagine that Colossus could have a terribly different experience. Will anyone win this? That's a really long time to be going backwards on a coaster... backwards motion has a lot more potential for nausea than forwards motion.
  20. Damn you, SFOT. You just had to steal our (SFGAm's) Trioka center for this season... for no reason. Ugh. I want my Trioka back... luckily we still get ours back. Anyway, nice TR. Coaster shots are already out there... I really enojoyed the perspective shots. You had a great mix of coaster/perspective/park shots! Thanks for posting it.
  21. It doesn't show any signs of dying down for me. However, I am relatively isolated from parks in my area (the closest are 3 hours away). I think that those who have a season pass to a park and live really close burn out a lot easier than those not in that situation--their hobby is right there, and it's so easy just to go. That may make your coaster riding frenzy go down a little, because it's so easy, and pehaps it's "been there, done that" for you. Just some thoughts on the matter.
  22. As they say, "Any publicity is good publicity." Could it be that this is actually good for Six Flags? The people who didn't hear about this marketing stunt will hear it this time around--perhaps they may decide to go! Six Flags would not cancel this event--far too much publicity has been spread, and just look at all the people who simply laugh at such an article. I'd say less that 2% of people nationwide would possibly be angry at Six Flags for this practice. I don't believe any effect will be had upon the event.
  23. LMAO! That was soooo great! That weird cheer thingy was really, really funny. It's the perfect way to impersonate enthuiasts.
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