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  1. I really enjoyed meeting up with everyone yesterday. I had a great time, in spite of the heat. And special thanks to John for breaking Mr. Freeze! MollyG
  2. As always, Chuck, a great TR! But stop lookin' up those skirts, naughty boy. MollyG
  3. Great news! It sounds fantastic already, so hard to believe there will be more perks. Kudos to both of you for making TPR a great place! MollyG
  4. Great trip report and you did my home town proud. I'm glad you enjoyed it and will be back. We really do have lots to see and do here. MollyG
  5. What a great trip report! It's interesting to see parks in China and KidTums is adorable. Hilarious captions, too! Thanks for sharing. MollyG
  6. Hey, thanks for the love! You are welcome for the extra pics. I enjoyed reading your TR. And thanks for the heads up on the food discounts. I will pursue that next time out. Hugs, MollyG
  7. I was there yesterday, too! Overall I had a very good time and the weather was fantastic. The park looks fairly good and most of the employees were enthusiastic and friendly. Our ride on the Rush Street Flyer was disappointing. The ride op ran it on the short cycle. When I asked why she said because there were people waiting. Oh yes, a family of 5 walked up while 10 of us were riding... geesh! That ride could use some TLC as well. It has not been painted in years. We ate at Villain's Cafe. The food was ok but not hot. They did have an employee who knew how to work the register, though. I also learned they did away with season pass discounts on food. When I asked about that I was told they have more coupons for that this year in the coupon book. Hmmm... waited in line about 30 minutes for that, too, and not that many food coupons either. Oh well, still an enjoyable day at the park. Hope it's okay to add a few more pics of EK... I suffered through a ride on Colossus just for the pics, so send me some love! Hugs, MollyG Ditto. From Colossus. Another view. Close up. Queue for Moon Cars still up.
  8. Thanks for the video, Robb and Elissa... very enjoyable! MollyG
  9. Your trip reports never disappoint, Chuck. This one was especially enjoyable, with the story-telling and all. Thanks for sharing. MollyG
  10. Great TR, Cameron! I was just there last October and I loved SDC. It is a beautiful park in a great setting. Unfortunately CC was already closed for the year at that time. Yesterday I went to SFStL so I'm curious to hear what you thought of it. Did you ride the new spinning coaster? Thanks for all the great pictures. MollyG
  11. Thanks, I needed that! I've been going through SAPTR withdrawal pains! Three weeks 'till our opening day here at SFStL.
  12. Great video! You know, I just received my hoodie recently but had not tried it yet. Good to know it's magical. Thanks for the off-season lift! MollyG
  13. Oh mighty Criswell, your power of prediction is only preceded by your prowess as a photographer. Phew! Enjoyable! Hope you are feeling better. MollyG
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