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  1. Yes! I will get to ride the Scenic Railway after all! My father loved that ride. He will be so pleased to hear it's reopening.
  2. This really annoyed me... Found in the comments for a video of The Swarm's first test run at Thorpe Park on Facebook.
  3. Pepesi Max Big One. Pretty epic going down the first drop with rain. Nemesis, in the morning, in the rain
  4. Intamin. They're forceful and fun at the same time.
  5. I like the whole 'turn around' idea! This should be really good!
  6. ^ Thats an interesting concept! Just out of curiosity What gave you the feeling that B&M's should have larger spines? QR - Just because he showed us a pic of part of the coaster dosnt mean we can't be creative and make names for the rides. Here are some suggestings... Screaming Eagles Raging Raptors Pythurai (made up ) Raging lion Not that amazing I admit but can spark new ideas and inspiration.
  7. What should I recolour it too? Thanks for the tips on the trees. They shall be sorted! And thanks for all the great comments. Thank you soo much! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MARINE WORLD IS BACK!!!!! Yes thats right! Marine World will be returning. And hopefully it will last longer this time! Thanks for all the support, that is what made me bring it back! Although there is a lot of work to be done before any proper resuming, I will update the park sometime soon!
  8. Just had two teeth out. Hurts like hell. ARRRGGGG!
  9. It dosn't really matter. Alton Towers dont care since Thorpe park is their sister park since both are run by Merlin. So whichever theme park people go to they still get money. And they are the best in the country and most popular so people won't stop going.
  10. God bless Alton Towers! I've been on three (all) the eurofighters in the UK. A fourth one...with a launch will be absolutely amazing!
  11. £6 each for the euro coaster! Ridiculous! I was there new years eve and today. Today it was ridiculously busy! But I guess thats what you get on a bank holiday monday.
  12. Of that I can think of... The inbetweeners movie Sherlock holmes - A game of shadows The worst one I saw was Unknown.
  13. Can you post a pov for us who don't have the game. I really want to see it!
  14. I don't think Cheetah Hunt is a bad name. Yeah sure Cheetaka would have been better, but the name could have been worse. The 'Pepsi max big one' is in my opinion the worst. Its such a fairground rollercoaster name that comes every year up town sort of name.
  15. The last art dosn't look right. Maybe if you put in another airtime hill after the first one so it goes beyond the brake run, then 90 degree it and do the turnaround so when it is parallell and lined up to the brake run you can put a drop in and straight into the brake run. If you understand.
  16. I got 68, getting how many beats in 15 seconds and multiplying it by 4. Not bad for a guy my age.
  17. So what happened to the rest of the Road to Cedar point TR? I checked and they've only posted 4 parks.
  18. The drag ballot was so much easier. 1. Megafobia 2. Grand National 3. Big Dipper
  19. About an hours drive from me. So I'll be sure to visit next year.
  20. The swarm and every coaster in California. Going next year!!!! Knots, Magic Mountain, Disney here I come!!!
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