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  1. The first time I rode Oblivion at Alton Towers. In the queue I was freaking out but when we got to the station I just got on and straped myself in quickly. Then we headed out to the lift and I must say it was much steeper than I expected it to be so I freaked out then. Then turning to the drop was okay but hanging over scares YOU SOO MUCH! We hanged there for a while then we were let go and it was one of the most thrilling experiences i've ever had! Good Times. I'll ride it easily now! maybe...
  2. Will the Waterfall still be used? That's probably the best part of the ride. It made the area so much more atmospheric.
  3. -A good selection of rides and attractions -Nice surroundings and descent theming -Good catering services -Friendly staff which enjoy their job and are efficient -Ability to build new top form attractions every year. -Transport to the park Yep.
  4. I'd like to add a couple more... The Sky Wheel with the track at the top makes it even nicer. This funky element. It's fun to ride aswell! Intamin Top Hats.
  5. ^ I guess we can also agree that rcdb is quite popular! And Brilliant if I may say so!
  6. Cheetah Hunt's Tower looks nice. So does GCI's turn around supports. And my favourite is the pretzel loop! I'll be riding my first one this summer! (All pictures from rcdb.com)
  7. If it's a great coaster (like Nemesis) i'm a Yesser. I just scream Yes! all the way around. If it's an ok coaster i'm pretty silent. If it's a big tall coaster I'll say OMFG at the peak of the first drop. (I'll probably do that on B&M Hypers) and if it sucks I just go hm.
  8. Blackpool's train is good as you get close to the Big Dipper and it's quite scenic. I saw Pleasurewood Hills' training a few pages back, i've been on that. It's not amazing but it's good for little kids. Lappa Valley is a train park. No rollercoasters but the train that takes you to the park is beautiful! My favourite non-theme park train has to be the Dartmouth Steam Railway. It is absolutely stunning and beautiful! I might say I like it more than rollercoasters.
  9. Of what I have ridden... 1- Megafobia. In the back, you get whiped into it and then you start your descent, Brace, and enjoy! 2- The Grand National. Intense airtime on the double down and the accent back up is really steep. 3- The Big Dipper - My first woodie. The first time I rode it, it scared the crap out of me. However it's a great fun ride!Although the first drop is not as good as the other two.
  10. I'm looking forward to this Trip Report. This park looks interesting! Wacky Worms don't have amazing themes, but this is really cool!
  11. Nemesis is the best rollercoaster in Britain. Although others do deserve a mention. Grand National- The airtime is crazy and the ride is pure fun! Pepsi Max Big One- It's the tallest coaster in the UK, and a really fun one too! Big Dipper- Total fun and an exelent ride. Rita- Such a fun ride and has some nice pops of airtime. Oblivion- An amazing experience. Th13teen- It's a revolutionary ride and is really fun. Stealth- An interesting ride but i've only ridden it once so I can't claim anything towards it. Colossuss- The rides great and the last 5 inversions are scary. Also, Megafobia is my second favourite coaster. Although it's Welsh, it deserves a mention!
  12. I've been on all three in the UK. Although Speed has a crazy airtime hill it's extremely rough.I can't sum up Saw, i've only ridden it once. And Rage is great but lacks something to make it amazing, however, Rage is probably my favourite out of them all.
  13. This is still progressing great! I honestly can't wait to see this complete!
  14. ^ But when the travellers go they don't go on the rides, they just look for wives! So thats more rides for us! And I prefer the travellers because they don't bother you like the stupid 'select few' of teens bother you to look cool infront of their 'friends'.
  16. ^^ As long as you make that station more visually pleasing, sure. I see your trying to make it a barn, so make the roof look like a Barn and it will look great!
  17. Megafobia has a great drop when your in the back! The Grand National at Blackpool tops for me since it goes straight into a double drop, AND YOUR RACING! I've been on Stealth once but I wasn't really taking much notice of the drop because I was having too much fun. As I recal though it felt soft. Oblivion. Rage, Speed, Saw are alright, although I prefer Rage out of them three. Dragon's Fury at Chessington has a great fun drop! The Pepsi max drop is alright. Megafobia wins it for me personally. It's the perfect balance between small and sweet and massive and scary
  18. Pepsi Max Big One Followed by Stealth. Megafobia (Soon to be Gwazi)
  19. Califolf - I like the howling wolf mountain. It reminds me of Grizzly river run. simtanic8 - Your drawings are spectacular! I love the first one! I thought it was real for a good 10 seconds.
  20. Nemesis is by far better than Inferno in my opinion. Although I've ridden Nemesis almost 30 times and Inferno only once. The great thing about Nemesis is that the intensity always puts a smile across your face because it's such a great ride. However, Inferno lacks that.
  21. ^ According to the video it was in 2008. Why would they push the restrictions now?
  22. GCI has really outdone themselves on this one! It looks brilliant!
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