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  1. What about the other Rides? I believe there is a log flume there. Is it a big park?
  2. This looks really nice! I like the look of that woodie. Can we have a POV?
  3. Should be fine. No more than 30 minute queues although that is the time gypsies go to the park but the crowds will be light.
  4. Alton Towers Jest ski in Hai long Bay or walk the lenght of the Great Wall of China?
  5. To be honest, I think Thorpe park should have gotten a B&M Hyper or Giga coaster. It would be the only place in England one of those coasters would fit. Alton has the tree limit, Chessington is to family orientated and Other parks don't have the money or space to put one in.
  6. High Voltage Festival. If Festivals count. Front, Thin Lizzy, Slash, Skin, Black Country Communion, Jethro Tull....Many more!
  7. At the moment, Alter Bridge. I saw myles play with slash at The High Voltage Fest 11 a few weeks ago, front row! It rocked! And Mark Tremonti (The guitarist of AB) is by far my fav guitarist atm.
  8. That was a brilliant ride my friend! Where did you get that dragon though?
  9. Yes the second part is wrong. The drop before the in line twist goes under the track not over the top. And the music was horrible! But thanks for you time!
  10. Ken block is one of my heros and an amazing driver. ^ yes it's real.
  11. Oh my, That's packed with people! Loving the sarcasm.
  12. I like their costumes in the station! China parks really get into theming don't they!
  13. What's a good day to go to Thorpe Park Mid-Week, Wednesday, thursday. That's what I thought would be light crowds. I want to ride all the coasters with no long waits and even rerides.
  14. Oblivion@Alton Towers, It's a great ride though! Megafobia@Oakwood, it rattles a lot! Drenched@Oakwood, The drop is really steep!
  15. Rct3 won't start. It's been installed for half a year and I've been playing like normal. Installing Cs correctly and at the weekend it just decided not to start. I put the Disk in and it comes up with the menu and I press play and then it just dosn't start. Any ideas???
  16. Oblivion (Self explanationary really) Rage (Cool drop) Grand national (Double drop into a really steep hill going back up!!! Sooo good!) Pepsi Max (Alright drop)
  17. CP_Rules: Looks really nice! I'm a sucker for twisty GCIs The 5th picture looks interesting! Midgetman82: Very nice! Since my favourite coaster is a B&M invert, I shall enjoy your ride! Some great stuff guys!
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