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  1. If I were allowed to eat apples...WTF... 100TH POST I have a chipped tooth.
  2. How do you know how many posts overall there have been and the name of the millionth poster?
  3. Hi, I've been having problems with TPR tonight when uploading pictures, previewing posts and stuff and It comes up with this.Problem.bmp Do you know why it's doing this?
  4. Best. Prize. Ever! Congrats TPR! I agree! But it's great that we have hit 1 million.
  5. Here are videos of my visit. Thank you for reading!
  6. It's great to have you on here Jordy. I love the work you do. Any up comming projects?
  7. I went to ride the roller coaster today and I must say it's an alright ride. Some decent bunny hops and stuff. It's a great addition to the park and I hope they will get more rides soon! Here is a POV by CoasterForce...
  8. ^^^ That song is epic. I would have to say Hotel California. So well done lyrics.
  9. Here is another picture of my B&M invert. I'll update the thread soon. Shot1293.bmp
  10. That looks amazing! I love how you foliaged the launch with the rocks and trees. Very good!
  11. Agreed. I know for a fact my younger sibling would hate it. I don't think they mean families as in young children with adults, I think its a more of you will enjoy it with you family who like roller coasters.
  12. I love bread!!!! The loafs we got from the market the other day are delicious! Olives and stuff in it. Sooo nice! We need to get more! ^Yeah, It sort of bugs me aswell.
  13. Hi, I noticed just now that there are facebook likes on all of the posts on the threads. Is this a test or something that will continue? Just wondering. Tiger
  14. I would advise having more trees and maybe add some footers. You can find some good ones here on shyguys world. Other than that it looks great!
  15. It has been confirmed that the new ride at Marine World will be an Intamin Drop ride. The name of the ride is to be released at a further date however there have been some advertisement around California.
  16. ^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLELGXrqDTw
  17. Ermm...Well it's a roller coaster. Duh!!!
  18. Nemesis. I managed to get in 10 rides in the morning before the park opened (Morning ERT). It was great! I also ride Air and Rita alot! Oblivion not so much!
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