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  1. THe dive into the water looks very interesting...And forceful!
  2. Putting my p.e bag in my looker at school and this six former walked passed with her friend and said 'alrigh' I wen' to thorpe park an' rode saw right an' it were well rattly...' If I could here the rest of that statment it would have been gold!
  3. MrStarr: If you using custom scenery you might have as well catwalked your lift hill. It would look nicer. deathbydinn: Nice ride although I'm not sure about that tight turn into the cobra roll.
  4. I liked it Richard. Especially the back story of the Red Dragon.
  5. The crowds should be fine. Maximum of 30 minute queues but if you do it right you'll beat them. Get to Th13teen first and then Rita. If you want to reride Th13teen again use the single rider's queue. Then head over to Nemesis and Air and travell around the park in an anti-clockwise route from there. Not so sure about the discounts though. Look around the park if you see any discount leaflets on food.
  6. What I don't get is that you give us this whole 'Be afraid!' thing and you give us day shots which really kill the impression your trying to make. Take night shots with some lighting to make it more interesting and exciting. Vodhin has some good lights that you can use! 'Vodhins Light Kit' I believe it is called.
  7. Thorpe Park. Gonna take lots of pics! I like them sort of parks.
  8. Hints to SW7... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCIrix_6tT4
  9. Probably to do with Peak and off peak times and stuff like that or th13teen.
  10. Did you visit the Hard rock cafe? The universal one is my favourite! I need to get back to Orlando! Last time I went I was 3. Looks like you had fun!!
  11. I've been working on this for a while. It shall be released Early July time. Shot1581.bmp It shall be the first ride that I shall do teasers for which will be new to me.
  12. Flying Fish! No I'm joking! However, I think that if it your first time if you ride something that will be somewhat averagely rough first (eg. Saw) then you'll get the impression that all coasters are like that and not ride anything again. So I would say start with the smooth option that is Nemesis Inferno. Then Try out Stealth before the crowds get to big. And one more thing. As scared as you are just get into the seat and strap yourself in and you'll be fine and having a great time.
  13. You could put some chimneys in there, Socal! It is a 'Factory'! MOD EDIT: Please use correct spelling and grammar- R.D, Games Forum Moderating Team
  14. Well at least you got on Cheetah Hunt! Are you on your own up there?
  15. I have used that once for some reason but not again. I was just seeing what types there were.
  16. I think he just didn't know how to rise the station so that paths could fit underneath. So he rised it as it launched.
  17. Well, I don't know how to explain this so watch the video! Acomplished in Manual Mode. I never knew there was such a thing.
  18. I've tried about 90% of the available coasters ingame but not necessarily successful. But that's the fun of it! I havn't used many flat rides though. Especially the un-realistic ones.
  19. Bravo! But just wondering. Which site did you update first for each upload?
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