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  1. There was one comment on that video that made me laugh. Gullable much???
  2. Does the Pinfari have the same 'clunk' that Mini Mega at Adventure Island has on the lift hill?
  3. Looks interesting. Nice to see you building another coaster. Have you decided a theme for it yet or any ideas?
  4. Big Dipper@Blackpool 1923 Grand National@Blackpool 1935 Nemesis@Alton Towers 1993
  5. I wish England would get one, Although I can't see any being installed in any of our waterparks. Sandcastles is highly unlikely, queywest water park might be able to squeze one in, but I doubt that too. Splashdown Poole is probably the best hope.
  6. Thank you Rudie. Love the banter there but the Woodie will be custom supported.
  7. I've been doing so much work on this. Almost complete.
  8. I'm getting annoyed how everyone is refering to this ride as a Montu Rip Off. Busch Gardens dosn't own Egyptian themes. It looks to be a great new ride and Parc Asterix has themed it really well and I can't wait to ride it. And at least it's not made by some chinese knock off company.
  9. ^ The park layout is pretty simple. You see the major additions poking above each other and you can just walk towards them and you'll get there. It's not a big park but the Map does help. Although many don't require it.
  10. Some things I love about this map. - The guy throwing up on stealth and the guy behind him freaked out about it. - The pig guy from Saw on taking some persons arm off at the top of Saw The ride. - The hilbilly playing the banjo on Storm Surge. - The guy mooning at Stealth. - The mad scientist being chased over by X no way out. - The two people eating the massive Hot Dog by Stealth. - The girld getting taken down by an octapus at Rumba Rapids. Theres loads more you just need to look at the peeps on the ground and stuff.
  11. The waterfall must be the end of the wave pool. Nice water park
  12. What is that water flume called in Epcot? I loved that ride.
  13. I have a few favourites. Lee Evans (No shows) Michael Mcintyre (Mock the week/Michael Mcintyre's comedy roadshow) Russel Howard (mock the week/Russel Howards good news) Tim Michin (Pianist) Hugh Denis (Mock the week/outnumbered) Catherine Tate (Catherine Tate show) David Walliams & Matt Lucas (Little Britain/Come Fly With Me) Not quite comedians but Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are very funny in their own right. (Top Gear)
  14. That underbanking prelift looks superb! I'll be craving a ride on this!
  15. I believe a documentary of the history of coasters would be nice and how they have developed to todays top rides. Also, A documentary of rollercoasters won't go on BBC1 or 2. Its not that sort of channel. Channel 4 or Channel 5 would have something like that.
  16. That. Is. The best idea ever. Modeling a coaster after a racetrack. Just...genius. Formula Rossa??? I love it though. Top Gear is by far my favourite television programme and Slash is due to be on there this season!
  17. Thank you very much! And a B&M? I'll put that into consideration Thank you Socal. I will work on it. Thank you! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome Back To Marine World! Yes, We are back! And as thrilling as ever! Over the off season the Main street has been worked on to make it look much more better... The cafe still holds strong. Some shops down the main street. The ampitheatre has been stripped to make a new entrance for Trojan. I think it works much better but expect huge queues because it is right at the front of the park. The entrance is not yet completed though. Trojans launch still catapults across the mainstreet with it's new paint. Guest can find themselves going at 60mph in less than three seconds on Trojan. Trojans Famous Top hat towers over the park giving spectacular views. So much work has been done. A new kids area has been constructed and Hercules is set to be rebuilt due to a fire caused by a cigarette last year. But it will come back bigger and better. Until then, Have a lovely week!
  18. I thought it was a great ride. The dueling parts were well planned out. I prefered the first track to the second track though as it was more interesting.
  19. At least the ride itself isn't a rough unbearable Chinese knockoff.
  20. A nice topic... The Gherkin. Such a beautiful building that we all take advantage of. Burj arab. Another beautiful building. Atlantis Hotel. The Taj mahal. Burj Khalifa Theres many more but thats all I could think of.
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