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  1. I like the look of the third one. That spiral into the second bowl looks really fun. I'm not sure about the first one it seems boring because there isn't any slide its just the funnels! The LED thing sounds interesting. Can't wait for it to open!
  2. Great TR i love visits to blackpool they are awesome!!! In the summer i will be going to blackpool for sometime to ride all the coasters up there again and then im of to Alton Towers! I can't Wait!!!!!!!! I'm sad to hear Noahs Ark is down that was the best non rollercoaster there! I hope it is back up and running soon!
  3. Awesome! When did you visit? It must have been like heaven with no wait to get on the rides. I can't wait to visit BGF again cause last time i went i was scared to ride the coasters but now im dreaming to ride them (especially Montu)
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