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  1. The worst has to be BTMRs first lift hill. It's incredibly loud! The best, the B&M Roar. Especially Nemesis and Kraken. Other notable mentions: Anti Rollbacks on Log Flumes A Gerstlauer Eurofighter (especially Rage) Going down the first drop. Oblivion letting go and plummeting the train into the hole. Wooden coasters going through their course.
  2. I like the look of this. Are you going to enclose the launch hill on the ride?
  3. These are some pictures I took from my visit a fortnight ago. I also did a panorama. Your very welcome, although a lot must have been done in two weeks.
  4. They have the testers at Epcot and I must say the Italian one was not pleasant. Our favourite was the Israel one. Although I always felt ill afterwards, why do you put so much Syrup in your soft drinks?
  5. Themeparks: Magic Kingdom Hollywood Studios Epcot Animal Kingdom Sea World Orlando Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Universal Studios Universal Islands of Adventure Water Parks: Blizzard Beach Wet n Wild Typhoon Lagoon Not a bad year for me.
  6. You should talk about how roller coasters came about ( ice slopes) and the first amusement parks (Kursaal, Coney Island). Roller coaster wise you should add a Eurofighter into the mix.and also how coasters can differ in size from different areas of parks to put them in. Maybe how they can withstand large amounts of weather.
  7. Manta's pretzel loop in the back row is quite forceful. Also, I find that Montu is really intense. Kraken is really intense in the front but is less forceful in the back.
  8. Dragons Challenge, not duelling, AT ALL!!!! What? Thats the whole point of the ride and now they set them of at completely random times. I was looking forward to that aswell.
  9. Universal Islands of Adventure with unlimited fast pass.
  10. I went to the park a few days ago and absolutely lived it! It wasn't my first visit however it was the first time I would ride large roller coasters there. We started with Manya which quickly became my favourite coaster. I had expectations forthr pretzel loop and it absolutely delivered. We then headed to Kraken and as I sat in the brake run, I knew that that was the best coaster I have been on. It was forceful and intense, just how an old school B&M should be. Then we went to Journey and since there was a long line reaching 40 minutes we decided to use the single rider queue. This boarded us immediately! The ride was fun and I loved the coaster section. We rode this twice. Later on in the day there was a large thunderstorm hanging over the park so they cancelled One Ocean (understandably). We went to Aquatica two days later and decided that we would revisit Seaworld afterwards. We headed to the Sky Tower which was now free of charge and enjoyed the views of the parks and international drive. after that we headed to the Shamu stadium to watch Shamu Rocks where I was very impressed with the show. I was surprised when the guitarist came out to play eruption. we watched as it got very dark during the show and I thought that I might be able to get a night ride on one of the B&Ms. After the show we headed to Manta to see that there was a small line of people waiting outside the entrance. They were waiting for the line to reopen so we stood and waited. After fifteen minutes they opened the ride and we walked through the whole queue to half way up the stairs. The right side of the station was shut so there wasn't many cars going out which made a little wait for us but not for people further down the queue. When it was our turn we were sent to the front which had no queue. As we boarded I looked out to the lift hill and knew it was going to be fun. It was! Possibly the best coaster experience of my life! After the ride was done you had to wait on the brake run for 5 minutes (which is a long time to be held in that position) since only one side of the station was active. After that we stood at the splash down element of Manta and looked across to the fireworks which dazzled above it. Few trains came through and made it a more enjoyable experience for us. It was a great day! Also, Kraken desperately needs a single rider line since there were so many empty seats on each train. With 40 minute plus queues its quite annoying as well. Thankfully I didn't have to wait in that sort of queue.
  11. This is a great coaster! Too bad the Knex speed thing will kinda ruin it but thats not your fault. I loved watching this from the beginning!
  12. This is looking really good! I like the editing. I think that you should continue that brick wall on Renegade up the lift hill. I think it will look really nice!
  13. Behemoth. (Although I havn't been to CW, Behemoth appeals to me more) Intamin Mega Coaster or Bolliger & Mabillard Hyper Coaster?
  14. Pepsi Max Big One on a clear day. If you look infront you see the sea, to the right you see the rest of the park and the Golden mile and if you look back you see the lake district. It's pretty sweet!
  15. This is great! You should post this on Shyguy's world aswell. I like the architecture of the buildings and that corkscrew station.
  16. Also, I have some pictures that might be of interest in this TR. Including pictures of the moved Mighty Mini Mega in there and some nice images of Rage. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=54780 Also, I would like to add these two pictures that I think are nice. One of Rage and one of Nemesis at Alton Towers. Thanks
  17. I havn't ridden a ride alone. However, for me the best solo ride would be the two back seats of a wooden coaster alone or with one of your best friends! That would be cool!
  18. It looks like a fantastic addition! Thank you for posting this!
  19. ^ That looks really good! I would enjoy following a park like that.
  20. Next time I go to Adventure Island i'll get some pictures of the Kiddie Coaster. Also, Mini Mega has been moved on top of an arcade in the origional spot. Would you like some new pictures of that? And theres the new Time Machine ride, i'll get some pics of that for you as i'm sure you'll require them.
  21. On a Cheetah Hunt POV this person commented... Right, first off, he/she said he wanted to get out of the heat so he's going to California in the summer??? WTF? Secondly, why is he/she posting this on a POV of a coaster on the other side of the country? On the same video someone asked... THE PARK NAME IS IN THE TITLE!!!!!! READ!!!!!!!
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