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  1. Umbrellas are a pain to hold up when it's even the slightest windy. So A coat (With a hoodie) Griffon or Sheikra?
  2. Yes. Do you prefer a lift hill coaster or a launched rollercoaster?
  3. That looks alot better. Since your park is NCS You should have a look at SoCal's NCS park bell gardens for tips and such.
  4. Multi inversion for me. Colossuss (Spelling?) is Just a brilliant ride. So is Stealth but I prefer Colossuss.
  5. At the moment it is Alter Bridge but it used to be Guns n roses. This summer I sort of got the best of both as Myles Kennedy sings for Slash. So pretty sweet!
  6. Be prepared to purchase fast track tickets. The best place to purchase them is near Nemesis Inferno opposite the banana swing ride. However everyone should be back at school and work so you should be fine.
  7. Nothing but Gerstlauer boomerangs. Stealth or Rita?
  8. I normally cross my arms and legs and lift my back off the slide so that I can lift my backside and rest on my feet and shoulder blades. The other position isn't so flexable.
  9. This park looks wonderful! [MOD EDITED DUE TO CONTENT BEING CONDESCENDING.- R.D.]
  10. I don't know if any of you have been to the park lately... I went to the park today and really enjoyed myself! I rode All the coasters! With fast track of course! You can see the construction of the Swarm from the top of Stealth, the flying fish and Tidal Wave. It's still a load of mud.
  11. Storm Runner. Cinema or home movie?
  12. Havn't riden it yet but I will soon! (The yellow one.) And also, 3 slides here sure do pack a punch, how ever small they look. Do not be decieved! Same park BtW.
  13. An intense, REAL free fall is disappointing? . Personal opinion man. PO!
  14. Superman Total Humiliation or continued riding on the most painful SLC out there?
  15. And the CS makes the parks so more realistic than those ugly ingame Scenery. Therefore much more enjoyable. Take NGT's park for example. Link It's one of my favourite Parks on the Boards at the moment. And why? It takes your breath away looking at it. Picture from the thread... If that had no Custom Content it wouldn't be what it is today.
  16. Oranges. Although they area a pain to peel I can't eat Apples. What would the last coaster you would ever ride be out of these two? Bizzaro (New England) or El Toro (Great Adventure) ?
  17. Nitro (Not that far from El Toro! ) The letter Y or the letter Z?
  18. When built the third picture will be amazing! The water reflections, the dive. Yeah!
  19. Pepsi max big one @Blackpool pleasure beach & Megafobia @Oakwood.
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