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  1. I've made it Front Page worthy. Such a great park, and a great thread! About Time!
  2. Hi again Thomas. I've sent SoCal a Message on SGW about the completed music. Just hope he reads it! Anyway, Can I have another piece of music for my new ride Woodcutter. Here are some pictures.Shot1433.bmpShot1440.bmp It's a B&M invert and it's not exactly a story based ride but a nice little theme tune would do nicely. Thanks
  3. I love that you are trying something different with the dive loop and making your own paths. This looks great!
  4. The ride just keeps on getting better and better! Thank you for the new pictures!
  5. ^ That is probably because that section is right at the back of the park and many of the peps leave the park before they get the chance to reach that area. I'ts quite annoying!
  6. Looks great Zig Zou! Very dark! Is this CS you have made? Are you planning to release it?
  7. tiger01


    I believe he wants to know when TPR are back in Spain. To answer your question, I don't think theme park review will be out there any time soon. Maybe in two to three years.
  8. Looks great! I like how the entrance goes underneath the lift hill! Very creative!
  9. ^ Literally! That is hilarious. I doubt this will be made though. It's not really about Height really is it?? Is about Flamboyance and awesomeness. Like roller coasters!
  10. ^ Nice to see another gamer here! Welcome!
  11. Wow, that looks amazing! Loving each inch of the park you show us. Far better than BLP!
  12. I really don't understand the colour scheme. It's green, then yellow, then green and yellow again and then White???
  13. I don't believe there is an :Up: smiley on this forum. Looks very nice though!
  14. What is the 'A' doing in there anyway? Was he neglected from another acronym?
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