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  1. Yeah his new CT is up for download now It's been up for a few days actually I think.. I still need to add some rocks just not sure about them because I want them to fit in Here's the back of the area (heavy inspiration from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)
  2. Edge Of Beast - That park looks sick! Certainly impressive if it's only your second park ever. The Ghost - I love the looks of that woodie, perhaps once you've put a thread you could do a POV? Screamomatic - That GCI looks insanely smooth, I wouldn't mind riding that in real life Unsure about it, what d'you think?
  3. The ride is now more or less finished, apart from a little back-up support to be added to the middle section of the ride. This is the back of the ride and the ride is now a lot smoother so thanks for the suggestions That's how it looks going into the brakes and transfer track. Next up will be the bushes and shrubs being added next to the river bed
  4. Well there are tut's on youtube that are much more helpful but this is basically it: -Make sure you have a program that converts rar files such as Winrar -This is because some CS that you download are rar files -In this steps below i'm going to put the program as Winrar -Find the file that you've downloaded (should be in your downloads folder or wherever you've saved it to) -Using winrar, right click on the file then click extract to -Just extract it to your downloads folder -Now you should just have the file/multiple files and sometimes an installation guide -Then put the folder that you've downloaded, lets say its Shy's Main Street Set 1 into: C:/Program Files/Atari/RollerCoaster Tycoon 3/Style/Themed Thats it really, it's a bad tutorial since i'm not very good at doing them but if your still not sure then just look one up on youtube
  5. Thanks for the comments, as for the top hat, I was aiming to kinda get away from putting one in, don't know why, i just didn't want the coaster to have one.. And I've changed the layout at the back as suggested, does this look better? And an overview so far!
  6. First of all, i'm new here so hello everyone .. secondly the title of the topic isn't really relevant to what i'm actually showing you right now, it's just cause that's what the file name is called for some reason.. Also my name MorqStanZa, that's because of my clan (that's my name).. but the username that most people know me by on Shyguys World and a little on RCTLounge is Ethan! but that name was taken Some Random Theme Park Chain Park Right so I was looking at a topic earlier today for the new ride "Skyrush" at Hersheypark and got somewhat inspired by the colours haha, and decided to make a intamin blitz with yellow track At the end of this "project" and with your help, i'm hoping to have a fairly decent theme park (maybe a theme park chain) but we'll have to wait and see for that, right now i just need help deciding on the layout for the ride and whether or not it should have a river Those pictures are without the river, i'm not sure about the back of the layout (un-supported area), what d'you think of it? And with the river. Comments/Criticism are appreciated
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