Knoebels Discussion Thread

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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby David H » Mon Oct 14, 2013 3:43 am

RandallDuell wrote:Also, and this will sound odd, but does the entire ride really smell of wood? Just looking at that POV it seems like it would smell like you're in a active lumber yard, but obviously there's not been a lot of fresh cuts made to this thing lately!

I thought that it did. I could smell the wood fairly strongly in the whole area. My friends didn't notice it as much.
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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby pkdcoaster » Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:35 am

Did anybody go this past weekend?, how were the crowds for FT? and did it run consistently. Heading up this weekend with the kids and they are excited to ride it.

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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby DougMJr » Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:33 am

^I went Saturday. Lines for FT were over an hour pretty much all day. I saw it go down once, the reopen a short time later.

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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby cfc » Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:46 am

azza29 wrote:^Well, I think Orphan Rocker is closer to being scrap metal than ever actually opening at this point.

The forest at Scenic World has already reclaimed most of the land it sits on.

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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby Moose » Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:48 am

I thought there was another SBNO coaster somewhere that had the steel track work completely built but never had an electrical system put in so it never opened. Maybe even an (old) intamin?

Edit; According to Wikipedia Vertigorama at Parque de la Ciudad in Argentina was built in 1983 and never opened. Rcdb has opening listed as 1983 but not sure if that's just the year it was built.
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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby Dr. M » Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:14 pm

Got on Flying Turns yesterday, had a great time. The line was out the entrance but it was still only about an hour wait. The operations were outstanding, especially for a coaster as non traditional as this. The themeing is also really well done. The coaster itself was super fun, I have no other bobsled coasters to compare it to, but it definitely felt more aggressive than I was expecting towards the end. Just enough of a sense of danger to keep it thrilling.

This was my first time at Hallo-Fun and it was every bit as good as I was expecting. Knoebels is the perfect place to be in the fall, the trees were beautiful and honestly, show me a more gorgeous countryside than eastern PA. There was a light but steady rain that lasted most of the day, but I never saw anything shut down, including Flying Turns. Twister, after dark, in the rain, was one of the most intense experiences I've had on any coaster ever. Even when I did have my eyes open (the rain kept them shut for most of it) I couldn't see AT ALL what was coming up next, I might as well had never ridden it before, every turn took me by surprise.

Oh, and you could've added me to the list of people who don't understand why Knoebels wins best food all the time, that is, up until last night. Apparently I'd just never gotten the right thing before, because last night I got a sandwich at the international food court (which during the fall is just the food court), I can't remember what it was called, "Barnyard something", but it was ham, egg, cheese, sweet potato fries, and horseradish sauce, all on a wonderfully hearty bun... holy crap, very easily the best food I've ever had at an amusement park (not that the competition is very stiff). Plus, corn cakes. <3

Now, about Stratosfear. I HAVE to know what makes this drop ride so much better than every other drop ride I've been on. Even Pit Fall didn't have a drop as intense as this one, and they both seem to be utilizing about the same technology (lift you up, drop, magnetic brakes). Did they find some way to reduce the friction between the car and the tower? All I know is, the sensation of falling is like something out of my nightmares, totally uncontrolled, very much like you simply jumped off a roof and are barreling downwards to your doom. I'd love it if anyone could explain that to me.

I only have a couple negatives. I didn't know they were removing Power Surge (probably old news but I missed it), and it was a shame that they couldn't have finished the job over the week since that was quite an eyesore right at the entrance to the park, the main arm still hanging there with a tangle of white wires hanging from it. (Not that I'll miss the ride of course, and that's prime real estate for them to put something else awesome there.) Also, there were a few timing issues and light leakage problems in the Haunted Mansion that I don't remember ever seeing before, which pretty negatively affected the scariness of the ride. Since this is Knoebels I know they'll fix it at some point, but it was admittedly a little disappointing. Finally, one of the huge draws for us is the carousel organs they have, and when we first got there, none of them were turned on, and instead there was a tape playing through really tinny speakers behind one of the cabinets. This was baffling and really scary, but luckily when we passed by it again later on the bigger organ was running like normal and sounded gorgeous.

^These are all very minor quibbles and overall we had an excellent time.

I don't usually take pictures, but I thought the sky looked really dramatic behind flying turns. I know, just a blurry cell phone picture, but I wanted to share it anyway.
-Dr. M

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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby SigilX » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:08 am

Removing the Power Surge is news to me. That ride seems to be always full of people on it.

Although going on speculation, I wonder if Knoebels is going to do something with that area between the Giant Wheel and the Chair Lift. This area used to be the road cutting through the park and aside from the Giant Wheel and Chair Lift there is the now former Power Surge, a Bumper Boats ride (which looks like it's barely ridden) and a boat tag (again don't see much action there). There are some games, an ice cream stand (which can go since there are others in the park) and The Loaf, a bread shaped building that I guess used to be a bakery but is now storage and frankly looks like an eyesore now.

So my guess for 2014 is that something is going in that vicinity (definitely where Power Surge was but could expand out to where I mentioned). I'd personally love to see another coaster in that area where guests entering the park could see it driving by.
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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby Myself » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:59 am

I'm pretty sure Power Surge gets dismantled early for the off season...are you sure it's actually being removed?

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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby Dr. M » Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:29 pm

Nope, just saw it in a state of disassembly and assumed. I wonder why that's necessary.
-Dr. M

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Re: Knoebels Discussion Thread

Postby Ccron10 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:01 pm

Dr. M wrote:Nope, just saw it in a state of disassembly and assumed. I wonder why that's necessary.

Most rides are taken apart each year down to the bare frame and each nut, bolt, and part is inspected. Not all parks do this and I'm not sure if Knoebels does, but this could be what they might be doing.
I hope it says because it is a pretty fun ride. But then again, this is the only ride other than Wipeout that I have ever seen down for maintenance when ever I go to the park, and even that is rare.


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