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Parks of the Deep South 2006 Photo Update!

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Awesome update, glad you guys got there this year, for preservations sake. I was going to hide in that ICE cooler and wait for you guys, but its unlawful for a human to hide in an ice machine in South Carolina. I think everything is unlawful there, except being a craptacular park, that's THE LAW!

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In 2001, I lived in Augusta. And although I did eat at Carraba's, I never did ride the nearby wacky worm--both because I am a law abidding citizen and because I am so *not* a credt whore.


I really like the Pavillion. I'm seriously bummed that it's closing. It is, after all, home to one of my top 10 coasters....

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nice to see someone who likes Goliath better than the other beemer hypers, i myself made my 70th and 71st rides yesterday..


yeah, thats what they call it down here, i live not even 5 minutes away from it...

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It was a fun weekend, and that was a nice update, but I'll add a few photos. Oh, only if I had a camera at Pizza Hut...


can't wait to see y'all again.. soon!


- Joe




haha refinished last year, what a waste


look at that face, I told you


Elissa love the cock


for every photo of my man boobs that gets reposted here, the dog will get his ass kicked. He's already got a broken mandible and dislocated arm...


we ridin' spinners

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Great updates! It was so funny!


I almost thought that you two wouldn't have gotten to the Wacky Worm and the Crazy Mouse in North Myrtle Beach, but you did! The next time you are in Florida, you can drive to Jacksonville and ride the Wacky Worm in Adventure Landing. I can't wait to see the Wacky Worm POV!


And I have more photos for the caption game. Whoo-hoo!

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How come they are closing the pavillion down? I'm going to Myrtle Beach in August,will I still be able to go there? I guess we won't be going to Family Adventure,kinda reminds of Clementon Park, a small ghetto park in NJ,people who live in the tri-state Philadelphia region will know what I'm talking about.Please let me know why they are closing,is it to put up more hotels or something?

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