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  1. You guys ROCK at the coverage! Although I'm currently living and working in Orlando, I didn't have the chance to get to IAAPA this time, and it bugged the living hell out of me...but you guys make it feel like you're still there!
  2. Really nice stuff in there, all those park maps should be awesome to hang around your house.
  3. I really need to get my ass in gear and make it to Disneysea before I reach a point in my life where I can't spontaneously travel. You guys rock for such an in-depth trip report.
  4. Knoebels has been updating their FaceBook page with quite a few pictures. These are ones that they posted that haven't been posted here yet... ...and then these were posted just a few minutes ago:
  5. Looks like we now know where the Adventurers Club stuff is going to...
  6. I had two rides on it back on June 1st. I recall not as much airtime as in previous years, but a MUCH smoother ride.
  7. I'm jealous, looks like you guys had a freaking awesome time.
  8. All three trains were running, the line was backed out to the start of the queue. Where were you sitting? Comet provides some great air time up front! Storm Runner was obviously running, but you didn't get the credit? What was the line like. Was Roller Soaker down? I decided to sit in the back row on Comet, I'll have to ride front next time. Everything was operating, there was just large time constraints because of having to leave the park early. That, and because I was in a large group, we were doing a 'group vote' on what to do. The arcade, Fahrenheit, and Great Bear really killed a lot of time.
  9. Hershey Park - June 1st This was only the second time I've been to Hershey, so I didn't expect to get all the credits I needed. The only credit I had was from a trip back about 10 years, and that was SuperDooperLooper. Being I plan to hit Hershey again this summer, I wanted to get some of the 'major' credits out of the way. First up was Fahrenheit. I didn't find the coaster too bad, it just felt that the elements were piled up on top of each other, leaving little room for any fun/forces. After waiting in that line for a good 100 minutes, we moved on to get lunch. On the way to find a food court, we stopped and rode Extreme Cup Challenge, a ride which I still don't know the point of. Once we had lunch, it was already 1 PM. We needed to be out of the park by 4:30, so we didn't have much time to ride anything else. Great Bear was next on the list, and I felt it was not worth the wait. Fun? Sure, but boring after the side-loop. From there it was a 'group' decision to spend our remaining time in the arcade. The only plus about this wasted hour was that I was able to play the world's largest pinball machine, really neat. We started walking out of the park around 3:30 to make our way over to Chocolate World, because 'it's not a trip to Hershey without visiting here'. After doing so, I agree. On the way out of the park we hit Comet, a ride which I had high expectations for, but were all shot down. It looked as though there would be quite a bit of air time, but I felt next to nothing. Overall, crowds were pretty bad. Then again, we stuck to the high population areas. Not many pictures from here either, but I'll be back this summer to get my Wildcat, Lightning Racer, StormRunner, and other credits. ..and The Comet. I think everyone has this picture? Noted! Good start, bad finish. Kind of like the weekend. Yet another missed credit, Storm Runner. Roller Soaker, one of my missed credits. Fahrenheit looked too good.
  10. I'm a lazy person, but felt it appropriate to share some pictures and park experiences, even if they are from a while back. I've hit a few parks up over the past month or so. In order... Six Flags Great Adventure - May 8th Hershey Park - June 1st Dorney Park - June 8th Knoebels - June 17th I'll cover my experiences at all four parks over the next four days, posting a new park report each day. First off we have SFGA. This trip was part of something at my (now ex) school called Amusement Park Physics. If you took the class Physics, or AP Physics (like myself), you were treated to a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure at the end of the year to see physics in action, and do some labs about how the rides work and forces, etc. Our AP Physics class took part in many physics competitions this past year, and won quite a few of them. I was one of the people, on a team of eight, that first won our region's JETS/TEAMS competition (this year's competition theme was amusement parks, my specialty). Our results were then sent for state and national rankings. Turns out we placed first in the state of Pennsylvania and fifth in the nation: not bad for the first time our school has ever won this competition. This win coined our 'group' the name "The Elite Eight", and ensured us no work to be done while at SFGA. Anyway, what that boils down to is that I had an entire day to myself, unlike the previous year being taken up by doing labs all day. Our first coaster of the day was Superman Ultimate Flight. Even though this is the only B&M flyer I've been on, I think that SF over-hypes the 'assume the position' car maneuver. Next ride was GASM, one of the few credits I needed in the park. Getting the credit was not worth the instant headache that came along with it. After that we headed over to MovieTown, stopping so I can claim my BlackBeard's Treasure Train credit. From there we wandered into The Dark Knight Coaster. I needed the credit, but what I didn't need was brakes every twenty feet to completely ruin any bit of speed. Sigh, such potential completely smashed. We had lunch provided for us by the park, and while just burgers and chicken, it was certainly cheaper than $35 for a large Papa John's pizza. After lunch we rode Batman the Ride, a credit I needed still, and Nitro. From there we worked our way to El Toro and Rolling Thunder, another credit I needed, to find out that Kingda Ka would not be opening because it was hit by lightning the night before. With all of my credits in tact, excepting Kingda Ka, my day was near completion. I don't have many pictures from here, I was enjoying myself too much to keep bringing out my camera. I guess that's a good thing? ..and a picture of 'The Elite 8', with our physics teacher on the far right sporting our shirt from last year's trip. It was mandatory to gloat after winning not only the JETS/TEAMS competition, but a local physics competition as well. This is a picture of the shirts we made up. Everyone was to meet at the ferris wheel at 2:00 PM. Grabbed some pictures, took over the wheel, and then went on with the day. Our physics teacher pushed many to ride this, Daredevil Dive as it's known. Of course I waited for the train. Rolling Thunder and El Toro. A picture of our lunch table. I ended up filming our entire lunch experience, it's now known as "Lunch POV" by my friends. Nitro was just as great as when we rode last year. But a big thumbs up to Batman the Ride. A big thumbs down to The Dark Knight Coaster. GASM, our second ride. First ride of the day.
  11. No way in hell am I able to make it to the event, but I definitely want a shirt. Ordered!
  12. I feel as though I owe you something for watching that masterpiece. Awesome work!
  13. It appears that they extended the last lift for some odd reason. There's another wheel to pull the chain laying on the ground below the 'new' start of the lift. I'm guessing that the cars weren't lining up as planned to enter the last lift, too much speed from after the brake run, so they are tracking the last section to ensure they enter the third lift flawlessly. Running this season? Maybe, just maybe. I counted at least a dozen guys working on the newly tracked part after the brake run on Saturday, and about five others wandering around the track. There was a group of people inside the structure looking around later in the day, I'm assuming ACErs, but there were many small children so I can't be positive. What I'm trying to say is that the ride had a lot of activity around it.
  14. Very nice report! I'll have to make it a point to visit Carowinds this year on my drive down to Florida, it looks like a really nice place.
  15. That is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! A friend of mine was joking around today saying that there are dog wrist bands you can buy too, haha. According to their website, they want to open it when it's ready, which could be next week or next year. It feels like the ride is becoming an endless pit of expenses for the park.
  16. Instead of copy/pasting what I wrote about Flying Turns in my first post, I'll assume you read what I wrote there before you check out these pictures, even though I am captioning them all. Enjoy! Oh, and on a side note, I was not able to find any hint of Golden Nugget anywhere in the park. A close-up of the drop-off section. Hope you enjoyed! New drop-off from the first lift, looks nice. So lovely. Another roof piece hiding near Cosmotron. More tracking. The poor third lift hill.. It appears that most of this isn't nailed down yet. More of the newly tracked section. ..and walk up this line. I just want to walk under this archway... There's a phone in the ride operator booth, but I believe that was there last season as well. Lots of changes here since last season. More plastic, I assume they can't get this new section wet. The plastic was covering the cars from the rain, probably. Bare brake run, No shelter anymore. Looks like this was used to make holes for the footers. But that's about all you can do with it right now, being you can't see inside of it. Nothing much at all. It's still something to marvel at, however. Not much has changed on this trough section. Footers are cool, right? Two of the brake-run roof pieces hanging out behind the Phoenix. So the trough wouldn't work I'm assuming, any reason? Yes, most definitely a tracked section. Working hard on where a trough used to be. It appears to be a tracked section. Ending trough. Some of the station wood is becoming 'colored' in with the rest of the park. Aging really does make it look better. Looking good, beautiful!
  17. It's been a while since a visit to Knoebels, and figured opening day would be a great time to visit. There was a handstand special today, which prompted a group consisting of a few close friends and myself to head down. $23 for a hand stamp, which when purchased allowed one free, BOGO. We arrived around 1:20, and got out hand stamps for the day by 1:45. Crowds were large and steady all day, allowing us few rides for the time allotted. Around 5:00 an announcement came over the loud speaker announcing that they were extending the wristbands to 7:00 because of the huge turnout, which gave us another hour to ride some things we didn't have time for if we were cut out at 6:00. Day started out with Phoenix, and ended with Cosmotron, a winning combination. Two rides on Phoenix and one on Twister, mainly due to large wait times. Phoenix was running both trains, while Twister was only running its blue train. High Speed Thrill Coaster is gone, all that remains is the footers. There's a new kiddie ride, Kiddie Himalaya, and it appeared to be a blast with the younger ones, many rushed back in line for a second go. Flying Turns has undergone some MAJOR changes since last season. The brake run no longer has a roof over it, the pieces are scattered throughout the park. The trough that used to be after the brake run before the third lift hill is no longer there, it is being replaced with a tracked segment, more than likely for better control of the vehicles before entering the third lift. The part off of the first lift, where the transfer track is (was?) is now re-done consisting of a LOT less wood than last year, which makes it look more appeasing. A segment of track before the second lift hill, the main lift, is also missing. No idea what is going on there. Many parts of the track are covered with clear tarps, probably for work that has to be kept dry. All and all, a pretty good day. Knoebels NEVER disappoints, even though they again removed Moxie from their necessities shop's cooler. Trip report pictures this post, Flying Turns construction pictures to follow in another post. A good day, and good weather to boot. Thanks Knoebels! Flyers got a new fence for this year, it looks very sexy. Here's a background for Flyers enthusiasts: http://i39.tinypic.com/dcda4k.jpg 5. Ride ends, lights come on, music turns off, and everyone leaves the building. For such a simple idea, it's so cool. 4. Even more trippy lights and blaring music. 3. More trippy lights and louder music. 2. Trippy lights and loud music. 1. Normal lights on, they turn off and the ride begins. An average ride on the Cosmotron, a full-sized Himalaya indoors, consists of the following pictures. "This ride goes both ways." I concur with the above statement. Something called me to go and make out with the north pole. Not sure what, and I did get some awkward stares. Last ride on the Phoenix for the day. Ran out of frips right in front of me. I did get fried cheese on a stick however, just as delicious. It was around 6:00 now, and the crowds started to clear out. Maybe not many heard the announcement that wrist bands were given an extra hour to ride? "Haha, double penetration." "Maybe Knoebels should update their map?" Nah, their pamphlets for this year have everything updated. "Maybe Knoebels should update their map?" "Maybe Knoebels should update their map?" These condiment contraptions never get old. So simple, yet so...arous..amusing. AKA "The Acer Line" There's only a flood light hooked up on the edge of the attraction. Hopefully they will add some other light. The Kiddie Himalaya seemed to be a big hit with the kids. This fire truck wasn't here last year. Nice addition. Artsy. The bumper boat water is clear, for now at least. Interesting to see how deep the water really is. Galleon was down today, not sure why. For some reason the station is still up. Perhaps there is hope for a new coaster here? Here's hoping for one as good as HSTC. Really, really bare. It looks so bare now. Yeah, it's really gone. No mechanical/metal parts anywhere to be found. The past entry to High Speed Thrill Coaster. A moment of silence.. Even the motor boats had a longer than normal line. Peace, tranquility, away from the crowds for a minute or so. In this case, the targets were unsuspecting swarms of guests. I think those letters have seen some better days. Crowds everywhere, this spot was one not infested. Counting the time waiting in line, and then waiting for my number to be called, linner took about 30 minutes. The log flume was packed, probably because it was nearing 80 degrees all day. As much as I hate you, I love you. I think our wait time was nearing 30 minutes, and with the purple train just begging to be let out onto the course, I don't know what stopped them from doing so. Tension enthusiasts take note. Old signage. The Twister was running, unfortunately, so I was obligated for a ride. Last report I complained about not riding Wipeout. I regret riding this entirely now. VERY forceful. Everything was running short rides today, or at least it seemed it. I still prefer this coaster over El Toro for some reason. Probably because I grew up with the Phoenix. Leaving the station to enter the mysterious dark tunnel. Very sexy. I timed it right, but the location of the picture is absurd. My bad. Returning from their flight. Both the orange and yellow trains were running today, making the long line go by decently fast. Last visit I didn't snap too many picture of the Phoenix. I made sure I didn't make the same mistake this time. Can't beat it! Heavy Crowds to start the day, waited quite a long time to get our wrist bands for the day.
  18. Awesome, just placed my order. I've been needing another hoodie, and wanted a TPR one. This sale is just what I needed! Thanks!
  19. What day are you guys going to hit Knoebels? I want to try and be down there to hang with the bunch.
  20. Just another reason why I should head back down there this 4th of July weekend. Awesome news.
  21. More reason to resist the urge to buy myself a few more cases of it. I really hope not, although the ride has been a 'money pit' for the Knoebels family, I hear. If they never get the trains to work, I'm sure they can enclose the structure and ice it down, use cheap plastic sleds to give guests their ride. It was one of the highlights of the day, really allowed me to blow off some steam. I haven't a clue, last I heard was that the trains and cars needed to be redesigned and that is where construction stands.
  22. Flying Turns is coming along nicely, I really can't wait to ride. I'll let the pictures do the talking. It's a resting beauty. Can't wait to ride Flying Turns when it does open. Thanks for reading! The exit to the attraction, very close to Looper. The first lift hill into the first helix. The final brake run and a view of that webcam that some of you have checked out. Operator's booth. The entry of the queue. It pumps you up for an experience that you can't have yet. I like the piece of track above the entry. Flying Turns hasn't gone to the birds, or has it? The station and final brake run have been covered in metal that resembles a hangar. Lift hill wheel, porn for some people. This really is a massive structure. The third and final lift hill. Some more turns can't hurt Flying Turns. Strut your stuff, ladies! And the last is made of 'normal' wood in a vertical direction, this one looks the most normal of all the cars. Many pieces of slender wood make up this one. Plywood was what the next is made of. The next was made of blocks of wood. There were 5 cars on the brake run, each different. The first was made of planks of wood that were horizontally placed. I love how there is a tree growing right in the middle of the ride. The brake run is rather long for this ride, but it is needed to return the trains back to the station. You can definitely see ware and tare on the track, testing the trains I am hoping? Yup, it's a brake run alright. This part straightens out the train before it hits the brake run. Last helix before the brake run, looking at me through the trees. Not one bit moved, I should probably compare pictures from last year with this two. It looks like nothing has moved since last season. The helix up to the brake run, also massive. Close-up of the transfer track. Creative solution. There's a partial transfer track right before the main lift hill. The bottom part is where the car will exit and start up the main lift. More of the first helix. Through the trees, yatta yatta yatta. I really doubt the possibility to get a picture of something at Knoebels without including a tree. The first helix. This thing really is massive. The station really does look nice. An overview of Flying Turns. I have no idea what this piece is at the top of the first lift for, it resembles a transfer track.
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