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  1. We loved our visit to IB several years ago. It's one of those places you have to see for yourself to really appreciate.
  2. I think you're on to something here...if it weren't for the excellent water park, there's not much to ride beside the coasters. Am I glad I rode The Voyage...YES! Did I run out the exit and get right back in line....no way. LOVED the first drop and the second big airtime hill. But, as others have said...we felt like we were hanging on for dear life during the second half of the ride. If it was not so dad-gum hot, I'm sure I would have enjoyed the other coasters more than I did. To me, a great coaster is one that makes you want to stay on the train...or run down the exit, then run up the entrance so you can get back on as soon as you can: two coasters I've ridden come to mind: The Phoenix and Cornball Express....and maybe Lightning Racer...or Mindbender at SFOG.
  3. So...we left the stifling heat of northwest Florida...only to arrive to stifling heat in Santa Claus, Indiana. Arrived at park 15 minutes before opening...Mrs Koch greeting guests out front...very nice. Went straight to the Voyage...did I mention it was HOT!!! We got on the second train of the day...about about 4 cars back. The Voyage review: Loved the first drop, and the following big airtime hill...but the rest of the ride was torture. My wife and I did not find this coaster to be much fun...out of control...yes...overwhelming...yes...Fun...No. My wife said that there is no way that riding The Voyage does not destroy brain cells...she compared it to "shaken baby syndrome". After getting off The Voyage, we went to the shoot the turkeys ride...mainly to cool off...did I mention that it was HOT? We could not wait for the water park to open. Water park was great fun, but the water was almost too warm to be enjoyable...I did mention the heat right? The big funnel ride was our favorite....followed by the toilet bowl ride. After the water park closed, I headed to Raven for a ride...only one train in operation, but line did start at the loading platform. The Raven IS fun...but to me, it is almost too rough to enjoy. It is still blazing hot....even too hot to enjoy the Holidazzlers. I must mention how incredible the employees are at Holiday World...it was blazing hot...but they were all so helpful, respectful, you could tell that they had standards they were to follow. At the end of every water ride, the operator at the bottom asked how our ride was...and wished us a great time while at the park. I guess age is catching up with us...as we love smooth, smooth air time coasters...and I'm a huge fan of the Knoebels Phoenix...but the brain rattling coasters are just not much fun to us anymore. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Tell City...a really nicely run hotel...ate dinner in Tell City at a place called Capers on Main Street...great food and atmosphere. Tell City really has an interesting history...wikipedia Tell City. LOVE LOVE LOVE the road from Tell City to Holiday World. We actually turned around and went over the hills again...nothing like getting air time in the comfort of your car. If you've made this drive, you know the hills I'm talking about.
  4. It falls back on management to correct these problems. SFOG is such a pretty park...but it could be SO much better is they would go the extra mile and take care of the details. Management sets the tone for what's expected of employees...you CAN get high school kids who give a darn...ever been in a Chick-fil-a? They one closest to our house has better service than many nice restaurants.
  5. Has anyone been to SFOG lately? How was the park staff? The "I wish I was somewhere else...I'm bored to death...I could care less" attitude of the park employees has made me reluctant to return. This park has such potential...if they would just sweat the details...and if the young employees would just give a darn. We considered visiting this summer, but decided we'd go back to Holiday World instead...for the reasons mentioned above.
  6. What a great trip report. IB is such a unique place...it's really hard to explain it unless you've been there. One question for you locals....does EVERYONE in Indiana smoke? I don't think I've ever been anywhere where I witnessed so many people smoking. Really made me appreciate the no-smoking rules in restaurants/public places we have here in Florida.
  7. SFOG really is a beautiful park... How were the employees? My only complaint about this park in the past has been the "I'm bored out of my mind to be working here" attitude displayed by many of the teenage workers. If this park would sweat the details, it could really be something special. I really really really they would remove the sky-coaster in front of The Great American Scream Machine. The sky-coaster really ruins the view of what used to be one of the most photogenic coasters in the world.
  8. My family also made quite a few trips to central Florida in the early 70's. The Six Gun photos really brought back some memories. As I recall, there was a fake "mountain" you went around or over, depending on whether you took the train or the sky-lift. All I really remember about the park is the shootouts, can-can girls, and carnival rides on pavement. Some of the other highlights of our trips were: WDW in 73...Space Mountain and Pirates were still under construction. We camped in Fort Wilderness. ticket books. Thought 20K Leagues was the coolest thing I'd ever been on.... Busch Gardens...when the only ride was the monorail (very cool) and the train....touring the beer factory....had photo taken with big birds sitting perched on each of my arms. Homosassa Springs...they used to feed gators, they would leap out of the water to get the food....was raining the day we were there, so they did not feed the gators. Ross Allen reptile institute....rattlesnakes! Fred Bear Museum St Augustine...old fort...Ripleys...old schoolhouse The tower which I think is still on 192...in the middle of an orange grove...went inside, but my dad was too cheep to pay for us to go up in the tower.
  9. Great photos of KT on the FrogHopper! Is there anything better than seeing your kid laugh?
  10. I think you guys are slipping a bit....the absurdly random photos and comments we've grown to expect just weren't there this last report. I think your success has gone to your head... reminds me of the last few seasons of Seinfeld.... I'm pulling for ya'll though...
  11. what about "Rollback"? has a nice sound to it...come here rollback.... we named our dog "Boomer". I wanted to name him Boomhauer after the King of the Hill character, but my wife wouldn't let me...
  12. Great thread guys....has something for everyone....including the Iron Chef America fans... I LOVED the Mario Batalli remark on page 8.
  13. I'm not sure what impressed me more....the incredible photos, or the fact that one of the TPR Fanboys actually has a live, breathing girlfriend!!! Great trip report and photos Jim. Thanks for sharing.
  14. these really cracked me up....especially the comments which followed: from thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=36200&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
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