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Sexual Orientation

What's your orientation?  

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  1. 1. What's your orientation?

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    • I'm a girl who likes guys
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^Don't worry about it, I know how you feel. My family is homophobic and I don't plan on telling them until college or after. Thats horrible they make fun of gay people though. People who use "That's gay" or "lol you're gay" just bug me, I HATE it.


Kevin "P.S, It doesn't matter what people think!" M.

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^Parents are homophobic until you're out on your own and can support yourself... then it hits close to home.


If you live with them, they can give you hell. It's only when they get older and remember that you may have to eventually take care of them, is that they change that tune.


Terry "Show out on the diva mom and it's off to the home with you" Weaver

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Ok, im seeing a lot of people on here saying that they are worried about their parents or that their parents were really harsh in the beginning.

your mother gave BIRTH to you (unless your adopted like me) and your father shot in some chromes...

for the people that honestly think that their parents are going to disown them...its not gunna happen. promise. there is no love like that of a parent's. when i came out to my mom as gay, she just chuckled and made it no big deal. my dad was the same. though some parents may have a problem with homosexuals, they will change their minds after you tell them...


just my two cents...



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^ I'd just say you are lucky Cyrus. But I do think that is the exception not the rule. Not every family accepts it, and many young people find themselves put out by the ones they thought loved them unconditionally. I have a friend who's relationship with his mother was all but destroyed, so it is something very real to consider.


I've always felt that to counteract anything bad, to just be prepared to support myself if it ever came up and things went sour. That way, you are independent and it wont be a shock to your livelyhood to need a place to live and what not. If you do these things and the coming out goes well, then that's just a bonus!

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I have to agree with haiderodes on this one. There are exceptions to unconditional love. I'm out to everyone but my family, and every time I feel it's time to tell them I back off. My father is extremely religious and sees homosexuality as immoral and what not. When I do come out to him I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped talking to me(most of my family for that matter). I do think this is the year I will tell him though. Also, like some others that said, I encourage people to wait to come out to their parents until they have that security in their life ie: their own place, job, and what not. Good luck to all those who do decide to come out early, and my hopes that your experiences come out better than you think they will.




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Oh I agree that some people don't understand that at all. It's kind of hard because you never really know exactly how a parent or relative or anyone for that matter, would react when you come out to them. I mean we can pretty get it right in our assumptions, but sometimes they may surprise us. I doubt it in my case, but maybe I'll be in for a surprise.

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The key to all of the above is to learn to love yourself. With self acceptance comes peace of mind. I'm fortunate that my parents are very understanding, but way back when when I came out I lost people. If I weren't comfortable with the person staring at me from the mirror - it would have been awful.


I'm cool with me. I love myself and I don't buy into the load of crap that alot of homophobes dump out.


Take care all and good luck.



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^You betta preach David!


I've been telling people to start with loving and accepting themselves before anyone else will. If you don't, you're in for a hard life. For a while I was running a lot with the "IN" crowd and noticed that so many of them don't really love themselves, so they fall into a lot of drugs and sex to mask that fact. It was really shocking to see.


One was so bad that he thought if someone cuddled you, that person was being special! I told him "Anyone off the street can do that. A person that calls you during the day just because they were thinking about you is being special. A person that sends you a card or flowers is being special. You have to learn the difference." He had serious codependency issues that stemmed from his childhood and not really accepting himself. I told him he really needs to talk to someone about it before he really self destructs.


So you really have to learn to look in the mirror and like what you see; use your early years to get to that point else it gets harder as time goes by.


Terry "If you aren't paying my bills, you have no say in my life" Weaver

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My father is extremely religious and sees homosexuality as immoral and what not.


Yes, but people don't understand that this is how we're brought up. It's not a sin to be gay, but is is a sin to act upon it.


And that is the issue I have with the whole religion thing. So many times during my upbringing I was always told to have a personal relationship with God (or whatever you determine that to be). But then there's all these interpretations and protocol things that are thrown at you that make it so its no longer personal at all. Who's to say who has it right and who has it wrong.


Granted I prolly shouldnt do some of the things I do, but I fully believe that "God" doesn't make mistakes. He made me gay, because that's how he wanted it. I wouldnt choose to be gay, why chose such a hard life? I equate it to chosing to be black (just so happens I'm both).


My main issue that I am dealing with right now (in respect to religion) is the large amount of hypocrisy especially in the "black church". Preachers cheat on their wives or use drugs or launder money. Teen girls have kids at 15 and 16 years old. Then tell us homosexuality is wrong but yet we have flaming-hot-gays in the choir prancing about like its the white party. And don't get me started on the whole down low thing...that's just being greedy.


I don't get it.

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^^ Or it could be that people aren't ready to accept that homosexuality is basically a normal lifestyle. We are so caught up in the whole "I anit no punk, I aint with that gay s#@$" mentality where in reality the ones you consider super straight are ones thats 'punking' around...espcecially black people (and this is coming from experience)...we are probably the most homophobic race out there, but there are SO many dudes that are on the 'DL' for fear of losing respect from their family/friends...If people just realize that being gay is no worse than being straight. Sure we got flaming queens, and feminine dudes, but they got pompus jerks, macho assholes and hypricrits , so we're pretty much balanced...


But if you really think about it, what would happen if EVERYONE was straight? The world would be a lot more crowded than it is. We help control the population, so techinally we play a bigger role on this planet than you think...

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^ You go "Orgy Boy!"


^^ My experience with what the people above have shared is this:


Today I worry about MY side of the street. People who preach what they don't practice aren't my problem. I worry about what I say - not what others do. I'm right with a power greater than myself and that is plenty. What others Preach just doesn't fly with me, and that is okay. I try to be the best person I can be, and don't buy into what others try to force. I can't control how others act and think, and if I try to - I'm doomed to disappointment. If I just worry about me - life is groovy. People with wildly different ideologies than me: I just don't hang with them.


Once again - self acceptance seems to be the key for me. I'm gay - I love being gay and there is NO problem with that.


Take care all!!



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I'm a guy who likes girls but... a lot of girls... all at the same time... ahahah...


Have I got the Japanese Harem for you! Lololol.


Our first day at Tokyo Disney Sea (on the TPR Japan Tour) and the three of us (Mike/miniviews, Peter/Loefet and queer old me!) end up with this actual beautifully dressed and made up...um....group after riding the Indy/Crystal Skull ride.


We ran into them twice more at TDS, the last time being on the bridge between Mount Prometheus and the New York 'land' of the park. And then we never saw them again, sniff sniff.


You would have loved them. I know I did, and they weren't even my... type.

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I like what everyone is saying on this topic, honestly i dont like what i see at my school and around me.


For example: at my school everyone is either strait, or gay and mistreated, not directly but in an indirect, discreet way if you will. While my school does have a gay rights club, i forget the actuall name, basically anyone that joins, gay or strait instantly becomes bait for everyone else. At least to me, this is just wrong! I think that it does not matter whether you are gay or not, it is your life and you should enjoy it the way you want to. For me i always think, so what? hes gay, does that make him different than me? should i not hang out with him just because hes gay?of course not! were all humans arent we? and its kinda like black segregation, were doing it yet its completely wrong!

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I think there's more gay guys on TPR then there is in a gay bar haha.


Well yeah, 211 (currently polled) of us would certainly put the test to the "Maximum Patrons Allowed" in a any number of bars I've known thru the years, lol!


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