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  1. Lou??? In red hair??? Wow!!! So nice, so beautiful, so... sexy!!! I cannot wait to bring you back in my arms... here in Italy!!! Ahahahahah!!! Nice pics guys!!! Thank you for your update!!! Hey Lou, next time you can invite also the Angry Dragon in UK...!!! Eheheh!!!
  2. http://www.dainese.com/us_en/multisport-winter/core-jacket-out-07-shield-6-7.html Skiing is essential in winter a well as being protected during jumps, tricks and x-treme evolutions... eheheh!!!
  3. This ride is a clone of the one installed in China at Dinosaur Park!!! This pendulum will be the fastest and highest in Europe!!!
  4. Note for Matteocrepaldi: please give a look at the first page of this topic and you will find the answer about Gardaland. The survey is now finished (so the video was removed for this reason). I will send the edited video to Robb for uploading it here (if he want).
  5. Yes, I can confirm, Gardaland has used TPR footage with permission of Robb. Video segments where taken from "Roller Coasters In the RAW" collection. Dive Machine (Chimelong), Flying Coaster (Tatsu), Tower Coaster (Speed: No Limits - UK).
  6. "VEKOMA IN ARIZONA" - A Vekoma SLC is a real frightfest attraction all year round... and everywhere...!!! Do you agree with me??? Eheheh!!! Tombstone... Arizona... the right place for... to die... eheheh!!!
  7. I'm sure a "launch spinning coaster with inversions" is the real missing ride on the market at the moment...!!! Who will be the first to introduce this??? Intamin has already realized somthing similar without inversions (you know... coaster experts... Comet Express!!!). Why not...???
  8. Oh yeah, the spinning coaster is a Twister Coaster made by Zamperla and sold last year!!!
  9. OMG - Big Mike update vs Robb TPR official update...??? Ahahah, no stories... Big Mike wins...!!! Eheheheheh...!!! Have a great tour guys!!! I miss you all...
  10. Hey "Giant" Mike... we are all waiting you here in Italy for your 601# ride on "Mammut" (Mammoth - The ride), the fabulous Vekoma Mine Train!!! Why not??? Com' on!!! Have you already booked your flight??? Eheheh... Ciao, Bruce
  11. Hey my friends!!! Hey "Incredible" BIG - Bikini Collector - Mike!!! Yes I am!!! Darien Lake has produced a couple of different leaflets including some original pics of Motocoaster taken during our tests in Italy!!! Zamperla Inc. friends have already sent to me a copy of each leaflet/map a couple of days ago!!! Unfortunately I was not payed (no money, no gadgets, nothing... ) for this... but I am happy to be part of the show !!! Here attached you can see the original pic used on Park World cover!!!
  12. Hey my "expert" friends...!!!??? What's about Zamperla??? The Italian manufacturer is missing!!! EOS, Fabbri and L&T System are also missing!!! Mack is also missing (...have you ever ridden Youngstar Coaster???)!!! The best on the podium with "a good mix of" quality, price, durability, reliability, safety is Maurer Soehne. If you need an impressive "Ferrari" rollercoaster with speed, comfort, high capacity, etc.) B&M remains the first choice (...budget permitting). Thinking about a coaster after B&M means ...having fun with Intamin.
  13. Hey JimmyBo you may ask these songs to Robin Schroeder... one of the Mini Europe Trip fun guys from UK!!! He is the composer and musician...!!! ...really porn??? ...again??? The first one it's a good song!!! Too funky!!! If there is any producer of homemade porn videos (and TPR coaster enthusiast of course!!!) I think we can exchange music for hot videos... ahahahahah!!! Is that correct Robin??? Hihihihihihi!!!
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