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Gas Prices where you live

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I am just wondering what the gas prices are where any of you live (Just to see how much money we get robbed in Southern California.) Because here in Carlsbad its $2.69 per gallon, and yesterday I on the news that the prices 30 minutes south of me in San Diego were $2.96 per gallon. And I never thought it would get to $3.00 per gallon!

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You New Jersey people have it cheap. They are always making up stupid cover ups to raise the price down here. Like Shell closed down a refinery, Shell poisened their own gas, and I cant really remember but I think they said they had to raise the price over here because there was a problem in the Middle East and we in Southern California dont even get gas from the Middle East. I think we get it from Alaska and South America some where.

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Here in Ontario it is $0.835 cents per litre for 87 octane. Now, given there are 3.78 litres in a US gallon that is $3.1563 CDN$ per US Gallon, which is $2.56 US$ given today's exchange rate.


This in a country that technically exports more oil than it imports.

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86 (I guess because of the altitude) $2.15


It cost me $30 to fill up the Kia yesterday. It was about $23 to fill it up a week ago ... This really sucks especially when you have 2 people who commute and are putting 100 miles on the car daily.



yeah, thats why I bought a Kia, I was putting on about 88 miles per day. Its less now, but I still commute

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Holy crap, don't get me started on gas prices today. Yesterday I drove for 45 minutes to find a reasonable priced gas station that had an ATM because my friggin Debit card kept getting denied at the "pay at the pumps." I know I had money in there so I had to take out a twenty and pay the damn service fee. I would have gone to the ATM near the mall which has no charge, but I didn't have enough gas to get there.


So at first I went to www.mainegasprices.com and went under Bangor and found a 2.14/Gallon not far from me. I wish I could have went to the 2.11 at Sam's Club, but I don't have a membership. So I drove over to Hammond Rd (Route US-2), and found the Citgo....but it wasn't pay at the pump so I headed down towards downtown and made a U-Turn onto a street and headed back towards the airport. Then from there I was almost hitting every gas station around the airport. Two Mobils I stopped at (Both pumps declined my card). And I managed to find an Irving with an ATM and it was 2.19/Gallon. So I got twenty out and filled up my car.


As for the averages, here they are


Today: 2.169

Yesterday: 2.157

One Week Ago: 2.144

One Month Ago: 1.918

One Year Ago: 1.762

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Hi All,


This is my first post (was actually looking for info on the new RITA ride at Alton Towers and got distracted!!) - thought you might be interested in what we pay for gas (or petrol) over here in the UK.


Currently, in South East England, we're paying about 80.7 pence per litre of Unleaded 95 Octane, which is £3.70 per gallon. Thats an Imperial gallon - so if we convert to US gallons, the price is about £3.08 and using an exchange rate of 1 British Pound to 1.8817 US Dollars, we get a figure of $5.80 per US gallon. Kind of wished I hadn't started working it out!! :shock: :shock:


Mind you does explain why I always spend less on fuel on US holidays than I expect!


BTW, about 73% of our price is tax. Hope that makes you feel slightly better, and perhaps I'll think about getting a more economical car!!?!

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Prices in San Jose average are $2.459 per gallon, highest is $2.799 and lowest is $2.299.


Our gas I believe has 70 or so cents of taxes...so it actually evens out in price almost between here and UK if you look at the base price of just the gas.


It sucks....especially when you own a car that only gets 10 mpg....

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It's $2.21 out here in Nowhere, N.C.



About a week ago it was $2.10


a month ago it was $1.80 or somthing like that


and a year ago it was around $1.50!




Oh well, at least i don't have to pay for it. :cooldude:

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