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Waldameer Discussion Thread

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The delay was caused by one of the coldest and snowiest months of March on record. Despite the weather, much has been completed


I can certainly vouch for that! I was out in Erie a couple of weeks ago (forgot camera) after they had gotten nailed by quite the snow storm that actually came up from the Southwest and not directly across Lake Erie (as lake effect snowstorms normally do).


While we didn't receive as much snow here (I'm about forty minutes from Erie), I can honestly say that this has been a pretty horrid March, with no signs of spring yet. We still have about five inches of snow on the ground.


Glad that summer is on the way...can't wait to get out and ride this one!

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Yeah, the weather was absolutely horrid here in Southwest Ohio, and more times than not it headed straight for you guys up North. It was bad down here, so I can't imagine what it was like once you threw Lake Erie into the mix too.


As far as the tarps over the bridge, don't sweat it just enjoy the ride, it looks like it'll be a really wild one. I'm still amazed that this coaster is finally here, we've been waiting for it for what...10-12 years?

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Looks like the blue net/screen is staying, according to the ride simulation:


But it's not a bad compromise. With the screen you're still getting the air, sound, and most visibility of speeding over the highway (and drivers seeing/hearing the coaster speed above). The screen sets it apart from the other enclosed tunnels, and even better that the same screen keeps drivers safe below, too.


Just by looking at the simulation, this thing is action packed! Non-stop speed, quick directional changes, floating airtime, screaming tunnels, not to mention views of the lake, ravine, trees, and highway--that multi-sensory combination overload should add up to an impressive ride!

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This goes over a highway where I imagine people would be driving at 60MPH or more. A cell phone flying off the ride and hitting a windshield could cause quite the multi-car accident at those speeds.




The highway really is not a traditional highway. That road is called Peninsula Drive and is the only access to Presque Isle that has a speed limit of 25 mph.


Still though, even at 25 mph, having your car get hit by anything from above while driving has the opportunity to cause a big accident. There will always be those @ss***** that think it would be funny to throw stuff from the bridge. The covering is hopefully going to prevent that.


Not that this has anything to do with the bridge being covered, but, the original RF was torn down shortly after a guest fell from the bridge onto the road below over 60 years ago.

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We needed to satisfy the requirements of PennDOT, which really weren’t too difficult...




We had to satisfy the requirements of PennDOT, by having the ride be continually under construction for 15 years, when no actual construction work was being done. It all makes sense to me now.... Anyone who lives in PA or drives through it frequently will understand


This ride looks pretty cool, and added bonus for Waldameer being close to Presque Isle! I used to go there every summer for the beach.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Theme Park Review members!


I have some good news and if you live anywhere near the Erie, PA

area, I have some REALLY good news for you! Theme Park Review will be

doing some filming on Waldameer's brand new Ravine Flyer II on Tuesday

May 20th, 2008 and we need riders!


If you are available on this day, please EMAIL me immediately at

robbalvey@themeparkreview.com and we will send you details on where

to go and when to show up. Assume that we will need you to be

available between 11am and 3pm.


Please note that this is *NOT* an open "ERT" session. We only have a

limited number of spaces and because this is a film shoot there will

be certain restrictions on what you can wear, how many riders we

have, etc, etc. If you are under 18 years old you must be accompanied

by a parent to participate in the film shoot. This invitation is open

ONLY to those people who are members of Theme Park Review.


So if you are available on Tuesday May 20th, 2008 and want to be

filmed on Ravine Flyer II please email at

robbalvey@themeparkreview.com and send me your:


Full Name



Sex - M/F

Email Address

Contact Phone Number


Hope to see you at Waldameer!


--Robb Alvey


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I do want to stress that this is *NOT* an open ERT session, it's a film shoot. You may not be able to choose which seats you get to ride in, you may be asked to wear certain types of clothes, and this is NOT open to people outside of Theme Park Review.


We will only have about 30 spots for this film shoot and once I get everyone's information in I will choose a good mix of age/sex/etc so there is a variety of riders or "cast" if you will and will email you if you have been selected.


Some of the emails I've received I think the impression is that this is a TPR "event" and that is not the case. It's just like the film shoot we did at Kemah a few months back. Yes everyone who attended did get to ride a lot, but some people were asked to ride a certain seat for 5 or 6 rides in a row for continuity sake. The shoot was a *LOT* of fun, but I do want everyone to know what they are getting themselves in for.


The front seat will not be available for most of the filming either.


I just want everyone to know this before they sign up for it!



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Aw Dailey Enterprises, you remembered me.


We can't make the shoot, but you guys have a ton of fun without me.


Katie, who hates being knocked up during coaster season.

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