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  1. Thanks Greg, Renee, adeuce, and ghost for all your advice. Especially you, Renee!
  2. Hey All, I was wondering if anyone can offer an input on my Disney Trip based on the following information. Some important things you ought to know.. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas for the duration of our trip.. from Thursday afternoon February 4th until Wednesday morning February 10th. We like eating good and have several dining reservations set including an 8:00 California Grille seating on Friday night, an 8:30 Aloha Dinner Show seating on Saturday night, and an Artist Pointe reservation at 7:10 on Sunday night. We will need to return to the roo
  3. Thanks for the reply ginzo. Thing is though, after a LONG day at the park.. I don't know if I could handle a four-course meal. (Alcohol, is, of course.. a course in itself.) So the appetizer, second, snack, and mug are all "meh" to me. I really believe I'll be okay with meal credits because I have the gift card to cover me, plus my girlfriend is only staying four days, while I'll be there the 4th of February until the 10th. So if we have a nice meal at say, California Grill and do the Aloha dinner show, I still have enough dinner "credits" to last me the rest of the week since she is only
  4. Okay, so I just booked a Walt Disney World vacation with the promo code OWR which includes a $750.00 gift certifcate, but I had some questions that weren't really cleared up in regards to it. What are the restaurant differences between the Plus and Deluxe packages. All I could really see the difference being was 2 snacks as compared to 1, and a "free" refillable (at the Resorts only) mug. Am I missing something between these two packages? # 2010 Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining # 2010 Magic Your Way Package Plus Deluxe Dining For an extra $370.00 or roughly 60.00 a day for
  5. Name: Rob Vaccaro Age: 26 What is your roller coaster count? 573 What is your home park? Six Flags Great Adventure What is the nearest big city? Philadelphia What is your occupation? Purchasing Agent About how many times a year do you visit a park (including your home park)? 25-60 (depends on the year/work/weather/time off accrued/etc) About how many times a year do you travel to a park that is not your home park? 15-40 When you travel do you go primarily to amusement parks or do you also try and hit other sites? I try to hit unique restaurants, clubs/bars, etc.
  6. Sounds like a GREAT addition.. coming from a former Pittsburgher. Have they decided on a name yet? I assume they'll probably wait until Coasterbash to release the name....
  7. I guess maybe I'd be more jazzed about this if I was even remotely interested in the franchise. This is about as exciting to me as a Dungeons and Dragons tournament or Lord of the Rings movie.. which is to say, not at all. The least I can do now is pray that the dark ride is an E-ticket attraction on the scale of Spiderman or Curse of the Mummy.
  8. Let's keep it real though.. unless this indoor dark ride surpasses Spiderman, JTTCotA, or Indiana Jones... it's gonna be a huge letdown. Two rethemed coasters (not being a Pot-head.. I enjoyed DD better), some (read: lots of) shopping, and...... well, nothing else really is a huge letdown for me. I would have much rather had Universal go ahead with that Helicop- TOURS ride in Jurassic Park I had heard about. I guess the jury will remain out until I get on this Harry Potter ride... but it had better be IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE. I'm just as much NOT a Harry Potter fan as I am not a S
  9. http://www.thecapitalgrille.com/about/main.asp?s_cid= Choose from critically acclaimed dry aged steaks, hand-carved and grilled to perfection,a variety of seafood flown in fresh from both shores and unique daily culinary offerings crafted with fresh, local, artisanal ingredients. An impressive array of creative side dishes await you, as do desserts that are, quite simply, the stuff of legends (who among us doesn’t scream for house-made ice cream?) Definitely try the Dry Aged Steak Au Poivre with Courvoisier Cream Sauce! It's amazing! "Black peppercorns are crushed then rubbed onto one
  10. Chuck- The Capital Grille is far and away the best "traditional" steakhouse I've ever been to.. Fogo de Chao notwithstanding!
  11. WOOPS! yeah, we got to ride it twice during the VIP tour and and a few more times throughout the day.. like I said, 30+ coaster rides throughout the day. That tour comes highly recommended!
  12. Washington, DC and Busch Gardens Williamsburg was a blast! Our trip was wonderful! We stopped in DC that Friday night for dinner at my favorite steakhouse; The Capital Grille, and then went out bar and club hopping for the better part of the night. I LOVED DC! We hit a couple different spots over the course of the night including H20 Restaurant/Lounge which had a STUNNING view of the Jefferson Memorial and boats idling on Washington Channel, it had quite the crowd and they apparently take the “lounge” part of the ‘restaurant/lounge’ very seriously; with a sophisticated drink menu
  13. Top 3 overrated. Kings Island, Magic Mountain, Kings Dominion. All have VERY mediocre (at best) coaster collections (in my opinion, of course) and when it comes to KD and KI, the Cedar Fair-ishness of the parks does not help. Of course, I haven't been back since Diamondback, Firehawk, Terminator, Tatsu, X2 (went on the original.. did not care for it), Dominator (in it's new home) or the Dale Earnhardt ride. I am making my way back to these parks next year.. perhaps the influx of new rides may change my opinion.
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