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Best Invert - Vote for your favorite!

What is your favorite invert?  

593 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite invert?

    • Vekoma SLC's
    • Batman or Batman Clones
    • Top Gun PGA
    • Top Gun Carowinds
    • Nemesis
    • Nemesis Inferno
    • Dueling Dragons
    • Alpengiest
    • Silver Bullet
    • Great Bear
    • Montu
    • Katun
    • Pyrenees
    • Talon
    • Volcano
    • Tornado (Särkänniemi)
    • Torando (Parque de Atracciones Madrid)
    • Impule with 1 twisted spike (V2 and clones)
    • Wicked Twister
    • Linear Gale
    • Raptor or Orochi
    • Shenlin
    • Jubilee Odyssey

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My apologies if this thread has already been done before.

So out of all the inverts you have riden which is your fav? I realise that Nemesis is going to get alot of votes here Vekoma SLC are alright but I haven't been on many others

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Ok, I've turned this into a poll. I think I've managed to get just about every invert option in there. The only one that I didn't include was SFMW's V2. Then again, I just can't imagine someone voting for that one over all the others, unless of course that is the ONLY invert someone has been on.



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I would vote for Euro Star, but it's not on the list

It's an easy choice for me because I only rode a few SLCs and the Euro Star and because I like riding funfair coasters and it's very impressive to ride such a big coaster, where you go shopping on other days this is my favourite.

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I think my list goes something like this:


1. Dueling Dragons

2. Nemesis

3. Batman clones

4. Montu

5. Pyrenees

6. Volcano

7. Top Gun PGA

8. Top Gun Carowinds

9. Raptor

10. V2 Clones/Wicked Twister/Linear Gale

11. Great Bear

12. Silver Bullet

13. Alpengiest

14. Talon

15. Vekoma SLC's



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^^ Robb, I hope you enjoy Katun - when you go to Mirabilandia.


Nemesis had always been up there as number 1 coaster for me, until I rode other coasters around the world... but Nemesis was still the #1 inverted until I rode Katun last year. The huge first drop & vertical loop are awesome, the cobra roll is a little rough but who cares about that


It has high G's ,not as much as the Batman Clones.


Again it comes down to personal preferances of coasters.

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