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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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From the animation the layout I can garner goes launch lift, airtime hill, drop, series of twisting overbanks, airtime hill, overbank, quadruple down, overbank, airtime hill, non-inverting loop, helix, airtime hill, brake run. This is probably wrong, but it's my blind observation.

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^ Except for the numerous Boomerangs that have valleyed in the cobra roll, or The Chiller's Robin side that valleyed in the cobra roll. Or a bunch of others that have valleyed in places that aren't easily accessible. Yeah, many have catwalks now but Chiller didn't have one when it first valleyed. They built it after the fact.


Also how would it be an "unsafe" location if it valleyed up there? The train is upright and the passengers are secured by the restraints. The only way it'd be safer is if it were to get stuck on the brake run.

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The friction coefficient is what will determine the height difference. The kinetic energy that is created between the two hills will keep the train going. In theory, because the train is traveling such a short distance, both vertically and horizontally, between the two hills (much smaller then between two full sized hills), the kinetic energy transferred into heat energy (friction) is much less. This will allow the height differential between the two hills to be much less, creating the most potential energy to be transferred back into kinetic energy to give the train it's full speed. Also, I am sure the RMC engineers and Alan Schilke have done all the math hundreds of times to prevent something stupid like a valley on the first drop...

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