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Best GCI Woody

which is the best?  

234 members have voted

  1. 1. which is the best?

    • Roar (west)
    • Roar (east)
    • Lightning racer (red)
    • Lightning racer (green?)
    • Gwazi (lion)
    • Gwazi (tiger)
    • Wildcat
    • Thunderhead
    • Thunderbird
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Ozark Wildcat

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I've only ridden both Gwazi's and Ozark Wildcat. Overall I thought Gwazi was a hell of a lot more exciting, and the roughness really didn't bother me that much, but the ride could use new trains (and I haven't ridden since '08). I think I liked the Tiger side more back in the day even though they're almost the same, but the last 3 times I've been to BGT they've only been running Lion.


I will have to agree with the poster above me though that when I ride Prowler this summer my number one GCI woodie will change.

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Out of the California GCIs, definitely Terminator! Such a great ride that I loved when I first rode it, and continues to move up on my list. I really like Roar, too. If it had the tunnels/theming Terminator has, and was newer, I think it could beat Terminator. It definitely has the length to be a perfect GCI; one thing Terminator lacks.

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Eh, they're all pretty much the same.


Okay, okay--the ones with Millennium Flyer trains are distinguishable from the ones with PTCs.


/CCI equaled ice cream, GCI equals soft serve.

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I've only been on three GCIs (both Lightning Racers and Wildcat) and of the three Hershey's Wildcat was far and away the best. Now I haven't ridden it since it got equipped with Millennium Flyer trains, but I thought that this was the wildest wooden coaster I had ever experienced when it had PTCs. It was just very fast from beginning to end and stuffed with delicious ejector air and laterals. While I still like the Phoenix more, Wildcat is my 2nd favorite wooden coaster.

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I've ridden both Roars, both sides of Lightning Racers, both sides of Gwazi, Wildcat, & Thunderhead. Lightning Racers red got my vote. If Terminator was on here that would've gotten my vote since it is my favorite GCI but this poll is 4 years old so I went with one of the Lightning Racers

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1. American Thunder

2. Prowler

3. Renegade

4. Lightning Racer

5. Roar

6. Wildcat

7. Apocalypse


American Thunder is the only GCI I've ridden that delivered serious airtime. Prowler had the most intensity and a disorienting layout, plus some good airtime. Renegade also provided some fun air. The Lightning Racers would be mediocre alone, but the suspenseful and well-executed racing aspect is uniquely exhilarating. Roar had decent air, but has gotten rough. Wildcat has NO airtime, but the speed makes it somewhat fun. I need to try Apoco again; in 2010, I found it too short and lacking in airtime, but it was speedy, which I appreciate more than I did then.

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Missouri has the awesome GCI market cornered. American Thunder and Prowler are my favorites of the ones I've ridden (Roar West and Renegade are the only ones I haven't). Thunderhead and Lightning Racer are both excellent, and then the next tier down for me would be Kentucky Rumbler and Apocalypse. Wildcat and Roar aren't very good. Gwazi........is Gwazi.

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I've only been on four, and I would rank them as follows.


1. Apocalypse the Ride

2. Thunderhead

3. American Thunder

4. Roar (SFDK)


As for reasons why, Apocalypse just feels the most out of control to me. It doesn't seem to ever lose speed, and it is a great blend of out-and-back and twister. It is a shorter ride, but it is long enough and does have a couple bits of airtime. Thunderhead would be my favorite, but it is just a bit too rough. After this, there is a little bit of a gap before American Thunder, which I still found a really good ride. However, it also felt short and I'm not really a fan of tiny airtime hills on a twister. Finally, Roar, while being a lengthier GCI, had not aged well and is quite rough, as well as not being as interesting as the other designs.

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All the GCI's I've ridden in the order that I like the most


1. Kentucky Rumbler

2. Evel Knievel

3. Lightning Racers - Thunder

4. Lightning Racers - Lightning

5. Renegade

6. Prowler

7. Wildcat

8. Gwazi Lion

9. Gwazi Tiger


I actually really liked everything in my top 4! Everything below that either didn't deliver a fun ride, or was too rough for me to enjoy. Or maybe they were a mix of both (Gwazi!)

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