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  1. This is looking absolutely fantastic! The impressive rockwork; the unique style of architecture; the artful composition of the towers; the clever use of forced perspective -- it all looks brilliant.
  2. Just wow. Sources: twitter.com/teamlooopings & twitter.com/martvgerwen
  3. Two quick clips from the test runs this morning:
  4. Ok, some facts and info: - Ratatouille is a dark ride with trackless vehicles. - Disney estimates the cost between 130 and 150 million U.S. dollar. - The ride is believed to contain 3D elements. Most likely 3D projections in hemispherical domes, like the domes in The Forbidden Journey (IoA). Some sort of mix between Superman the Ride and The Forbidden Journey, right? - When guests arrive in the Ratatouille area they will find not only the attraction itself, but also a boutique, a small plaza, restrooms and maybe a Paris backdrop painting. A restaurant would be perfectly logical in a Ratatouille area but nothing is confirmed yet on that one. - The queue area of the attraction should be brilliantly themed, as the queue line decor will put the guests on the rooftops of Paris with breathtaking height feeling, thanks to forced perspective. - Ratatouille's ride will officially open in 2013. Test dome that was shipped from Europe to the Imagineers. Random artwork created in the infamous 'blue sky' stage of the project. Location. Here is the current state of the building site. (Most information comes from disneyandmore.blogspot.com)
  5. May I present to you the amazing new E ticket ride of Walt Disney Studios: Ratatouille! Floor plan. (Early) rendering.
  6. It's just the relaxed, neglectful South European mentality that you'll experience in South and Central America too. Americans generally have a more hasty, entrepreneurial spirit that has its roots in Britain, Holland, Germany and Scandinavia. We West Europeans find this South European attitude of mind very annoying, but have become accustomed to it over the years.
  7. Great report! Haha, I guess you didn't find the Statue of David in The Louvre, because it actually stands in Florence, Italy.
  8. Hey, the Disneygeek.com method of putting your photos online!
  9. I have a few updates on Ravelin for you! Sneak peek inside the 'magic city' of Ravelin on the front of a local newspaper. The headline reads: "Creating fairy tales means heavy working - behind the facades of Efteling." This is the Ravelin Water Mill house. Close-up fail. Notice the LCD Monitors. One of the dining areas in the medieval-themed restaurant "The arms of the city of Ravelin".
  10. The Efteling is building its 'Realm of Fantasy'; better known as Hartenhof or Hearts Garden. A model of this $57 million project appeared in the lobby of Ravelin a day after its soft opening for employees. Construction walls popped up a few weeks ago.
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