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Best GCI Woody

which is the best?  

234 members have voted

  1. 1. which is the best?

    • Roar (west)
    • Roar (east)
    • Lightning racer (red)
    • Lightning racer (green?)
    • Gwazi (lion)
    • Gwazi (tiger)
    • Wildcat
    • Thunderhead
    • Thunderbird
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Ozark Wildcat

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Python in Bamboo Forest. The return run is comparable to Voyage's return run, but with super comfy train and smooth track.

I bet. That ride and Jungle Dragon both look fantastic. I'm very jealous of those two and all the GG/MVR woodies China is getting.


I'm just missing Renegade, Mystic Timbers, Invadr, and Roar (SFA) in the US now and I got add a few European ones last summer.


1. American Thunder - Fast pacing, smooth, and the most airtime of the bunch.

2. Joris en de Draak - A unique layout for GCI, plus the racing and tons of airtime.

3. Thunderhead - Feels the most complete. Maybe a little rougher than others (though not bad at all) but takes advantage of terrain and has lots of "big" moments that stand out.

4. Goldstriker - This one is just relentless. You feel like you could still go another 2,000 feet of track when you hit the brakes.

5. Troy - Felt a lot like Goldstriker but without all the quick pops of airtime around every corner. Still very good.

6. Wodan - The best first drop I've seen from GCI and the size lends kind of an epic feel to it, but lacks some of the air and quick pacing of those above it.

7. Lightning Racer - This one is more "fun" than thrilling. GCI hadn't really evolved the faster pacing found on the more recent ones yet.

8. Prowler - Felt slow and lacking airtime when I rode it in 2013. I'll get to refresh my opinion of it this May. Hoping for the best!

9. White Lightning - The train was practically empty for all of my laps on it. I don't feel like I got this one at its best.

10. Kentucky Rumbler - See above. Never more than four riders per train when I visited.

11. Wildcat - A lot better than it's early GCI contemporaries at the bottom, but there's not much to commend it for either.

12. Apocalypse - I've long ago given up on the thought they will ever take proper care of it. And even if they did, with this layout it still wouldn't rank much higher.

13. Roar (SFDK) - Not Gwazi-bad, but was never going to be any good without a full rebuild, and converting it into Joker was a better choice anyway.

14. Gwazi - No redeeming qualities. Glad it's dead.

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