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Best GCI Woody

which is the best?  

234 members have voted

  1. 1. which is the best?

    • Roar (west)
    • Roar (east)
    • Lightning racer (red)
    • Lightning racer (green?)
    • Gwazi (lion)
    • Gwazi (tiger)
    • Wildcat
    • Thunderhead
    • Thunderbird
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Ozark Wildcat

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After riding all the GCI's in the US, here is my personal rankings:


1) Renegade

2) American Thunder

3) Prowler

4) Apocalypse

5) Thunderhead

This is one of the opinions I hold highest, since I was there for the American Thunder and Prowler rides. Although I don't think Apocalypse was better than Thunderhead. American Thunder was insane!

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I voted Thunderhead.


If I had to rank the ones I've been on, I would go with,


1.) Thunderhead

2.) Lightning Racer

3.) Wildcat

4.) Gwazi (Tiger)

5.) Roar (East)


I definitely need to get on more of these.

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I've only been on Termi/Apocalypse, Wildcat, and Lightning Racer.


Since they are each different (Apoc is short with sharp/overbanked turns; Lightning racer is long, with airtime hills, and it races), I'd still have to go with Lightning Racer. And honestly, I rode the ride probably 20 times during ERT - I still don't remember the colors.

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It's too bad Wood Coaster (Mountain Flyer) isn't as accessible to more people on TPR. I for one wish I could get a chance to ride it because it looks simply amazing. I think that it would rank highly not only on many people's top GCIIs but on their top wooden coasters as well.

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^Haha I will gladly accept donations if you would like to send me to China. Unfortunately, as affordable as they may or may not be, I do not have the money to spend on a TPR trip to China. I would assume others here are in the same boat.


Please make all checks payable to "I aintgotnomoney" and send those to "000 Broke Street, Nilsville, OH"

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  • 1 year later...

01. American Thunder

02. Prowler

03. Thunderhead

04. Renegade

05. Lightning Racer

06. Roar (SFDK)

07. Gwazi

08. Roar (SFA)

09. Wildcat

10. Apocalypse


Three new GCIs for me this year! Plus, there are now 5 total in my top 20.


Thunderhead: good airtime in the front, an interestingly twisted layout, and a well-above-average setting (though it doesn't give the flying-through-the-woods feeling of, say, The Beast). Definitely one to marathon.


Gwazi: While it's pretty terrible and definitely not something to re-ride, I swear there were small amounts of airtime that were not just bouncing around from the copious jackhammering (though others argue differently). The layout is impressive, particularly since you have the bonus of a whole 'nother coaster to admire as you ride. It's a shame they don't duel anymore, especially considering the success of Lightning Racer.


Roar East: Boring! I actually thought Roar West was a lot rougher; Roar East was pretty tolerable, even in the back. But at least Roar West had airtime. This just seemed like it didn't accomplish much, despite its decent layout.


I must admit, every year I feel more and more embarrassed about not caring for Apocalypse. At least the hype has died way down, now, so I don't feel like I'll be eaten for sharing this. Plus, I'd be happy to give it another chance.

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