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Best GCI Woody

which is the best?  

234 members have voted

  1. 1. which is the best?

    • Roar (west)
    • Roar (east)
    • Lightning racer (red)
    • Lightning racer (green?)
    • Gwazi (lion)
    • Gwazi (tiger)
    • Wildcat
    • Thunderhead
    • Thunderbird
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Kentucky Rumbler
    • Ozark Wildcat

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I've been on all but the 2006 ones, and by far my favorite is Thunderhead (no, not because it shares its name with a really good IPA!). My second favorite would be Ozark Wildcat, not on the poll. Fortunately, I'll get to ride the 2 new ones within the next 3 months, and I'm not even a GCI fanboy!

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Bad poll.


Ozark Wildcat was missed and KY Rumbler isn't even open to the public yet (although I know some people have ridden it, it's a very small sample of people.)


I'll leave it open, but I just want to point out once again that if you're not going to do thorough research when creating a poll, what's the point?



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I've been on all of the GCI's except Roar East (been on West) thunder bird, Ozark Wildcat and Rumbler, although I'm gonna get on Rumbler sometime in the next few weeks. I'm gonna be the diffferent one here and say that I think WILDCAT at hershey is the best. Thunderhead rocks in the front seat but the rest of the train sort of lacks. I don't know jsut thikn the wildcat is a great ride, hard o vote against Thunderhead but the Wilddcat gets my vote.

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I like Roar West. It's not "OMFG Amazing", and it's gotten pretty rough, but it's still enjoyable and has reasonable airtime. I like the first drop because it feels like you'll get thrown.


This will change in a few months--


is of course going to become my new favorite.

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