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Movieland Studios Discussion Thread

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I was at Movieland yesterday and I sourvived Kitt Superjet!

The ride is amazing, it's like nothing I've ever experienced in any park! Just to feel the full power of the engines is something spectacular!

Yesterday the weather wasn't nice and it as a bit cold so it wasn't much fun to get wet but I'm pretty sure this ride will be very welcomed in the summer time. Also some effects were still missing.

It's really hard to describe the feeling you get. It's fast, loud and totally unpredictable. I can't wait to get back to Movieland to try it again with the complete set of effects operating and with more practice in the hands of the pilots.

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That looks absolutely sick! The one thing that seems like would top it off would be a long, straight river section where the boat could be put to full speed and speed off. But even without that, it still looks amazing! I wouldn't second guess on riding it at all!

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Recently, I have visited Two-Face's coasterpedia page. I edited that page a few months ago, but it seems somebody else edited it recently. The edit read, "(its current whereabouts are sitting somewhere in Italy, until announced by new park Movieland Park. )" Does anybody know if this is true or not?



EDIT: Link to Coasterpedia page: http://rollercoaster.wikia.com/wiki/Two-Face:_The_Flip_Side

Edited by ArundelHigh Coasters
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Seems right in line with what that park would do, but a roller coaster wiki site is obviously not the best source until pictures or other confirmation pops up.

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I just don't think SF likes to spend money to properly rehab the rides every season like they are supposed to, unlesss you are MM.


Funniest... joke... EVAR! Magic Mountain is just as bad, if not worse than any other SF park on letting rides deteriorate. I would say the only SF parks where I've ever felt like the rides were generally well maintained and ran comfortable are SFDK and SFGAm (granted I haven't been to quite a few of them). Honestly SFMM's got some great rides that run like complete crap (Riddler, Scream, Colossus, Green Lantern) compared to how they once were(or in GL's case, could have been).

That's not really true either. Roar @ SFDK hasn't gotten a retracking in a few years and it is riding absolutely terrible. I mean TERRIBLE! I think parks only do a full maintenance run on rides which people flock to. Also, with SFDK now turning into a year-long park, I don't really see them retracking Roar next year. I also kind of disagree with SFMM's Green Lantern's case. I think, it NEVER has been any good in the first place. It's been painful since the first month its been installed.

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Great news! It looks like the parts for the Invertigo coaster arrived at the park in the past few days! This coaster was in the rumors for the past few years but it wasn't clear if it was something real or not.

I know it's not something way too exciting but for a small park like Movieland this could be a great addition!


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Hopefully the electronics in this one work better than Dorney's. Honestly, most of these rides have been a hot mess.


Also LOL, they put a New Zealand jet boat in an old aquatic stunt show theater for a ride? That is amazing.

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