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Movieland Studios Discussion Thread

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And I remember the BackLot "tram tour"

(read: GI-normous f-ing TRUCK)

freekishly well too, lol. Still have bruises....


This could be interesting.

All that water....

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Though Rambo is still showing on the website along with the new attraction. Hmmmm.


I hope they find a way to keep it (obviously with a reduced footprint)! I thought it was really well done theme park show.

If I remember correctly, they had quite a bit of room behind where the show takes place. Seems like they'd have plenty of room to keep the show and add this death trap boat ride.

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I think that just became the #1 scariest ride in a theme park! It's only a matter of time.....


Yeah, I'd definitely think twice about riding a Superjet at Movieland. From what I've seen here, their studio tour bus is scary enough.

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It's like they looked at the Tram Tour and said, this is one of the most terrifying and messed up rides ever, how can we make it 100 times worse? I know, do a similar thing, but with a Jet Boat!

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