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Best B&M Inverted Wheel cover Art

Best Wheel cover art  

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  1. 1. Best Wheel cover art

    • Alpengeist
    • Katun
    • Montu
    • Top Gun
    • Nemesis Inferno

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Just Wondering what everybody thinks is the best


I am purposly excluding Dueling Dragons because I believe it would win by a landslide so this is kinda of a poll for 2nd place.


Dueling Dragon trains




Thanks for voting,



Nemesis Inferno


Top Gun







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Straight uo Montu! I have to vote for them because its not only my favorite home coaster, but because the detail is just great on the whole train! Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt Montu the first invert tu have custom painted covers (not painted in three sections like Raptor or B:TR are, but full fledged custom)? But yeah, I voted for Montu...


Colin C

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I am giving props to Alpengeist, just because - in that list, it is "The First of It's Kind" to extend themeing beyond what has (usually) been done with SLCs, up to The Alp.


Hmmm? I really think that's what it is, and the others have all followed, upping the design and quality of what the thing IS intended for, but working a good theme design in what the GP now sees, and appreciate that, too....




(SCARY EDIT: That was the 53rd vote in this poll - and guess what year I was born, and what I turn this coming (3rd) month, end of? Scary wierd and f-ed up, indeed LOL!)

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Montu, because montu just rocks. I would have voted Dragons though, but honestly, I still think the best looking B&M invert train are the Batman the ride trains (even though I think the ride itself is way overrated). I prefer the big inverted coasters with lots of airtime and gaceful floating and flying sensations.


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