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Best B&M Inverted Wheel cover Art

Best Wheel cover art  

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  1. 1. Best Wheel cover art

    • Alpengeist
    • Katun
    • Montu
    • Top Gun
    • Nemesis Inferno

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I can't really decide between Alpengeist's and Montu's... but since Alpengeist is at my home park, I'll go with that.


Its not in the poll and certainly not as good as Alpengeist's or Montu's... but I like Patriot's wheel cover art as well.


Patriot train at Worlds Of Fun.

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^Hey, Knott's isn't that bad. We try... well, some of us do.


But, I must say that Bullet is the worst B&M I've ever ridden. But we didn't need a B&M in the first place. It's suppossed to be a family park, not a thrill park. Be angry at Cedar Fair, not Knott's.


But anyways, enough ranting. I looked at the Katun casings again, and they are nice, but way over the top, especially when the rest of the train looks like crap... or well, stone.

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Katun's just pwn.


At a VERY close second though is Phaethon. Gorgeously aggresive.


Others of note are Great White and Black Mamba, none of which are in the poll (since Phaethon and Black Mamba released after the initial post, no doubt).


...and Black Mamba. B&M + theme = sexy


...Great White...


All 3 photos are courtesy of TPR's fantastically convenient park index. Phaethon...

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