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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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First official concept art:


It acts concretely of the section of the coaster which passes above "Méditerrània" Lake. We can appreciate elements of the thematisation of the trains, which will have barrels in the central part.

PortAventura already entered its extension of season, this is why the park is closed in the week. This supposes that works of the new Coaster of 2007 are carried out in a more comfortable way.



(sorry about the faults, I'm french)



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Wow, looks nice! Thanks for the sharing the pictures, the In-Line Twist looks awsome and construction seems to be getting along nicely now! I also hope the coaster won't ruin the lake, but i think we can never really now how bad/good its going to look until its actually finished. Besides, its a small price to pay for a coaster like that!

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oh me was wonderin' its new intamin ride's gonna be like Mavelick

cuz i gotta know it would have got any kinda loops or twists! plus

me was guessin' its color gotta be TTD's deep red for lettin' us feel

scary feelin' before the xtreme venture goes!


but good thin' it's got ground huggin' in-line twist!

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