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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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The Inline is very very big, aprox. more 100 metres long, the layout finnish comming... but, wait... The theming.... will are....


P.D: This coaster isn´t Maverick... Haven´t lift, haven´t height, and the trains are win-walkers....



In Spain we thought the same.... but now... no

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Wow! I like it!

Her you have a nice shot of the InLine(Thanks to TICH):


I really like it, but I continue thinking that the layout is very Small...

OK... every slope will be a little airtime because of the trains


News News News!

A worker("kNkN" at Capte) has informed us, and the Wing Walked Trains are in the Park!

They are dismantled but they're. And the motor are in the park, too.

The plans say that the layout will be finished in November/December, and ThinkWeel will work very hard four months.


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Hi people!


First: sorry for my english, its so bad, because i´m spanish.


yes, the trains are in the park! but, are Dismantled now? (the information is of a few days ago)



The coaster looks awesome, the track go really near of the terrain, the sensation is going to be incredible!

in this pic we can see how near goes the track.


Probably this weekend i go to the park, and i´ll take photos of the construction!



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thanks vekoma fan boy!


I can't wait to see pics of the trains!

I don´t know if we will be able to see them soon, Possibly we can´t see them this year, because wee don´t know where are the trains (i hope to be wrong)






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Whoa, totally missed the footers in the water. I was at the park last Sunday (the 20th), utilizing a free day on our Spain trip. Port Aventura is gorgeous, by the way. Kind of the European IOA, although I make that statement having never been to IOA...


Anyway, yeah. There's a launch and part of an inline twist... it looks pretty cool.

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Awsome pics. The track look a lot bigger than normal triangle track from Intamin.


I think thats because of the speed its going at plus the weight of the trains may be heavier than usual so its bigger to reinforce it.


OR the park dont like sguare track so they enlarged the triangle instead

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Nice pics.

The colour is almost perfect because of the zone is located the coaster, it's simillar to Speed Monster(Tusenfryd) and I like the colours very much.

But I've got a question...



These are the brakes?

Or is it the acceleration zone?

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