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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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Thanks for the pics, nice to have someone keeping us up to date on this project, i for one am very interested in this coaster and i hope to get to PortAventura soon and ride it. So please keep us updated and take some pics when the track starts showing up, thanks!

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New pics of the construction!!! This photos are from workers vials, INEDIT!!







This pic is a aerial photo of the construction zone. Look, the terrain are most big to the Hotel PortAventura, the theme will are AWESOME!



And, this is the monkey



Coming soon.. MORE!


Thanks to UMWEBSITE for the photos

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The OFFICIAL name for this coaster will be "Furious Baco"


I love it! It's just SO original and I think it really suits the coaster.


For those who don't know, Baco was the roman God of wine, orgies and fun among many other things. This god used to be considered as the craziest and often got drunk.

Since the theme of the coaster is a device to pick up and transport grapes to make wine, I think it suits the ride perfectly.


The monkey and the inventor will be the main characters to make up the story... The inventor is actually the one that creates the machine (the actual coaster) and the monkey is the inventor's pet which will be really nice, but also really naughty.


The microsite also explains how the queue area should be. The first part of it will be set in a sort of grape wood to see how the robots pick the grapes, then, we will enter the indoor queue where we will see dummies and robots being tested for the new invention and how they are crashed.

The final part will be us boarding the train to be the new 'test dummies' for the ride...

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Yesterday I went to Port Aventura and I notticed about that new attraction!! I couldnt believe it 'cos I was talking with my friends saying that port aveuntura needs a new road coaster and then... I saw it!! Woow that rocks!


Thanks to all the people who have uploaded photos and videos of the uncoming Furious Baco.


It seems a little bit simple, 'cos it always goes straight and so on, but well it would be a new experience, to feel the velocity and the 4G of gravitation!!


See you ^^

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All the raid will be blue, but the NoLimits simulation was made more or less, a year ago, the coaster was called "Cisne 304", it was red and it hasn't got theming.

But now it's blue, it's called "Furious Baco" and it has got theming


P.D.: I prefer blue than red, the colour is perfect for the zone.

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then it would be all blue...nice then ^^ I like that colour more than red, 'cos red is like Dragon Khan, two coasters with the same color in a same theme park isn't so good, dont you?


Blue is perfect for the mediterranian zone!


Waiting to see the trains *__*

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