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  1. I've been in Finland for the past 2 weeks and I went to Linnanmaki and Sarkanniemi, they are a really good parks and I enjoyed every single coaster and attraction. At Linnanmaki the crazy attraction near the entrance is just AWESOME and the water coaster is also good if you like to get wet Sarkanniemi in Tampere has a lot of coasters and with the one-day-pass you also have entrance to dolphinarium, to the obsertvatory tower, to a planetarium, museum, mini-zoo, etc... I just loved that park! Oh and Tornado is the best ride ever!! I rode it 4 times *__* Someday I will go with you guys! Cya ^_^
  2. thank you very much!! Really nice news!! Im waiting to ride it!!
  3. Oh sorry is not the Super Express, they will remove the Transmòbil one...well that was what QUÊ! newspaper said. Do you know if is that true? Merci per la info ^_^
  4. They will remove the old roller coaster called "Montaña Rusa" (http://www.rcdb.com/ig1578.htm) and they will remove the Zamperla Super Express too (http://www.rcdb.com/ig1578.htm). Well, that's what I think... See you!
  5. Yesterday almost all the newspapers of Barcelona had the news about the new roller coaster for Tibidabo that it will begin to be build in one month and it will be open in November. Here the scans of different newspapers. Scans made by me I translate the headlines for those who can't read Spanish or Catalan. METRO (Front page) "The little Dragon Khan for Tibidabo" "A roller coaster with nice sea views" La Vanguardia "New emotions at 80km/h at Tibidabo" El Periódico de Catalunya "The Tibidabo's roller coaster will be open at the ned of the year" "The polemical building work will cut down 50 trees but they will replant 190" ADN "A roller coaster in a wood" "Will replant 190 trees and will cut down 50 for the new Tibidabo's attraction" QUÈ! "The new coaster will take 50 trees off" "Only 8 healthy trees will resist the transplant. 190 new trees will be plant there. Youl will be able to ride the coaster on November" I hope you like it guys!! See you!
  6. Amazing video and amazing family theme park ^^ Thnks for upload it
  7. The video is awesome!! I hope they will finally build it, Tibidabo needs it!! *__*
  8. Thanks for upload this 3 videos!! Waaa I want to Try SpyLand soon!!! Only 4 hours from Barcelona *___* See you guys!!
  9. Thanks guys!! Amazing video as ever!! PortAventura is my hometown theme park and I'm glad to see you enjoyed it a lot!! Merry Christmas!! ^_^
  10. Furius Baco - PortAventura It was my first time and it was amazing!!! *___*Intamin done a really good job ith this accelerator coaster
  11. Thanks for the POV video!! It's Awesome!! And Dragon Khan is awesome too, at night in the first row is better indeed ^^ I want to go soon, maybe on Halloween like every year ^^ Really nice report!! ^_^
  12. OMG Stampida looks sooo slow compared when I ride it with the old trains...well last year was insane, really fast, maybe too dangerous XD Nice shots of all Spain Theme parks, but Port Aventura (my hometown ptheme park) is the best Waaa i want to come back this year and try Furius Baco!! Enjoy Catalonia!! ^__^
  13. waaa the trains look really really great!!! I can't wait more to ride on them!!! *___* That will be an awesome experience!!!
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