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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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Hold on, isn't hydraulic oil not able to be compressed? They're still obviously for the launch system though.


The way it works is that there is a cylinder full of nitrogen gas which the oil is pumped into compressing the nitrogen.


When the valve is opened, the oil is pushed out of the cylinder at high speed by the high pressure nitrogen. The oil rushes through the hydraulic motor which pulls the cable which launches the train.


From what I learned in school,Liquid can be compressed, but it takes a lot of force compared to air or any gas


Yes, your school taught you correctly, it is possible to compress liquid but it takes many atmospheres of pressure for it to happen. It can only really happen at the bottom of deep oceans and we don't have the technology yet to recreate this on the surface

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^Not 100%, but it's a good idea...


^^Those are the accumulators, they compress the hydraulic oil.

As others have said, the oil isn't compressed. Rather, they compress the gas which shoves the oil out of the accumulators and through the turbine like motors which drive the cable spindle. The oil flows into tanks where it's recycled into the accumulators for the next shot.

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This coaster looks like it'll be a lot better than my original expectations. .

Me too but if you make a comparative with maverick's layout its ridiculous. Someone says that the theming of FB will be great... i don't know. at this moment this RC its good but can be more than this.


PortAventura says that his new coaster will be opened at may 07.


PD: is my first post!

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Had a great time at PortAventura's Navidad event last week, work on Furious Baco is progressing well, quite a lot of the track work is in place


^ the station / launch area


^ the inline twist is looking insane


There's also a section of track which features the signature intamin change in direction move, as used in Expedition GeForce


The footers are ready for the part that will fly over the lake, i guess they're waiting untill the season ends in January to drain the lake and finish this part of the coaster when the park is closed to guests


It's all looking very positive, i just hope this ride will achieve the predicted throughput as it sits at the very front of the park

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I'll be in Spain in July as well and I am really looking forward to riding this. The layout looks a bit boring but then again the speed should make up for it. The style of trains should also help to make the ride more interesting, I am really looking forward to riding on the lowest seat and being so close to the ground.

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I am going late June and I cant wait to go on this.


I am going back to Port Aventura just to ride this.


The good thing about Furious Baco will be that you will get 2 differant ride experiances because one side will go very close to the ground in the first turn trench while the will be the opposite.



The lake turn will also give 2 differant ride experiances because one is nearly touching the water while the other side is not.

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The park is closed... and we don't have new photos, but with the new brochure 07 are a new oficial render. but the bad notice is this is very small.


this it the last part from the track. At the mediterrània lagoon.


you can donwload all the brochure


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