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  1. Hey ya'll, Okay, so I slowed down a little with updates (October and November tend to be INSANE months for my business and this year was no different). But we're back at it with Busch Gardens Europe! Part 1... of 2... (link to the full update comes after the photos) The day started with a lights on walk-through tour of DarKastle... See... I told ya! Always nice little extras to make the trip nice (and make the early mornings worth it) The ride really is nice lookin'! Extreme nerd shot... I tried hard not to make a South Park reference... sadly, I failed. Apollo's Chariot... only a few photos in this edition... definitely more in part 2. You can't say this park isn't beautiful Of course, there's a bunch of Griffon photos to be had as well! And that's it for this go-round. There's 76 photos in total posted today... a bunch more tomorrow... so go check 'em out! Westcoaster Update - 12/04/2008 Busch Gardens Europe
  2. Okay... I've slacked off on this a slight bit... so here's the next one that was posted! This one starts at Sesame Place... They even have a coaster or two! The ride is apparently themed to Uranus... hehehe Elmo's World? I'll pass... Then it was off to the Coney Island area to get some rides on an old classic... the Cyclone! WOOOOOOO!!! And of course... what better ride to ride than a wacky worm! And that's that! So there's a bunch more on Westcoaster if ya want... enjoy! Westcoaster Update - Sesame Place and Coney Island
  3. Yeah, this one is all about some of the smaller more traditional parks... Starting the day with the healthiest of foods at Idlewild! Then it's off to ride Rollo Coaster... full of chocolately caramel goodness... KidTums has already figured out how to make everyone work for her... Lots of nuts... Of course there's this... Yeah, this is pretty much awesome... Then it was time to head to Lakemont Park and ride Leap The Dips... Is it just me or does the mouse car look stoned? Of course... nothing's better than a Wacky Worm... Of course there's a lot more on Westcoaster, so enjoy! Westcoaster Update - 10/03/2008 Idlewild, Lakemont Park and DelGrosso's Amusement Park
  4. Let's play "Here's a 2 year old thread, we'll revive it!" I'll use this one to post updates from non-TPR trips that ya'll might find interesting. Today it's From Knott's Scary Farm this last Friday! During the day in October, it's basically the best time to hit Knott's. There's never any lines for pretty much anything. During the day, it's not so spooky... I guess it's a guessing game... They should've called this one Kingdom of The Dinovampiresaurs since a bunch of sets from Kingdom of The Dinos were used in the beginning part of this maze... It's a fun maze... needs a little work, but it'll get better with time. Dan almost got molested by a monster... Corkstalkers was impossible to get photos in... but was a really good maize! This'll be the last year for 13 Axe Murder Manor... Also the last year to get scared by Jewy over at the Asylum So there ya go! As always there's a LOT more over at Westcoaster, so check it out! Enjoy! Westcoaster Update - 09/29/2008 Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt
  5. ^Thanks, yeah, he takes pretty photos sometimes! Today it's all about Marineland, Bears and Waldameer... Dragon Mountain's coasters should get braces... It has a loop! Ever wonder how those cool shots on the DVD happen? Well, it takes getting pretty close to a speeding train! Meditating bear is tranquil This kid is well travelled... she's been on more coasters before the age of 2 than I'd been on by the time I was 7! Culture... Ravine Flyer 2... awesome. There's also Comet... keeps your bathroom clean and has good airtime... what can't it do? Guy love... And that's it! Lots more at Westcoaster... click the link below and enjoy! Westcoaster Update - 09/22/2008 Marineland and Waldameer
  6. Another week, another update... today it's Canada's Wonderland! So put on your tuque and a Rush album... and enjoy all that Canada has to offer! Oh Canadia... While jumping over a bunch of people can look super awesome... it's frowned upon in Canada. I've always wondered who's worse... the people taking the geeky photos... or the geek taking pictures of the geeks taking photos. It's something to ponder. Canadian's gone wild... Yeah... Dan took a photo of the trim brakes... This photo is dedicated to Jahan... It's not Eagle's Fortress... but it'll do! So there's a lot more photos over at Westcoaster from this park... click the linky below and enjoy the update! Westcoaster Update - 09/16/2008 Canada's Wonderland
  7. Hey guys, Back this week with Darien Lake and Martin's Fantasy Island... 21 pages of madness! Not Superman... nope, not even a little bit! TPR Trip peeps enjoying not superman... Of course this isn't a Six Flags park... It may not be superman... but it's damn pretty! Sexaaayyyyy Martin's Fantasy Island is a really pretty little park... Silver Comet is a pretty little ride! They even have a mini star flyer for people to have funny expressions on... Lots more photos over at Westcoaster! Westcoaster Update - 09/09/2008 Darien Lake and Martin's Fantasy Island Next week... Canada's Wonderland...
  8. Hey all, So I'll be updating here to let you know as we post our photo trip reports from the recent TPR East Coast Trip! I know Dan had a great time and took lots of photos (a few end up in Robb's updates... we post the rest). So let's start off with Seabreeze! Update 1 - 09/02/2008: Seabreeze Amusement Park, etc Update 2 - 09/09/2008: Darien Lake and Martin's Fantasy Island Update 3 - 09/16/2008: Canada's Wonderland Update 4 - 10/03/2008: Idlewild, Lakemont Park and DelGrosso's Update 5 - 10/10/2008: Sesame Place and Coney Island Update 6 - 12/04/2008: Busch Gardens Europe - Part 1 New! Peeps on the Jack Rabbit Credit whoring the kiddie coaster! The world's fastest merry-go-round... Jahan slightly bemused... And well... yeah... don't drown at Seabreeze! So yeah, we've got that and a bunch more over at Westcoaster! I'll be updating this thread as we go along. To see more click the link below! Westcoaster Update - 09/02/2008 Seabreeze Amusement Park
  9. ^^I'm not so sure about that based on the content of the phone calls I've had today. Either way, it's a bummer. Hopefully it'll stay clear long enough for them to keep the rides open long enough for folks to ride or even get a second train on the track.
  10. ^Which would make me wonder what their limit is for distance. Either way... it's a little disappointing... but what're ya gonna do?
  11. ^Well... lightning is one thing, any reasonable person understands that. But there is none... It's *VERY* Knott's... so much so that I'd even venture to say that Knott's wouldn't even do this now-a-days. I mean, I understand if there's lightning, etc close to the park (hell, even Disney has a policy like that)... but he's tellin' me that they're basically all standing out there in the sun, no rain... and basically nothing's running. It's a shame really.
  12. Just got off the phone with Dan and apparently things aren't going too well at the park. So they're all there... standing in the sun... and they just announced that they're stopping the rides due to "oncoming weather"... now, call me crazy, but wouldn't you keep the ride open for a while to try and keep people happy? I gotta say, from what I'm being told, the operations there leave quite a lot to be desired. I thought Cedar Point was like the pinnacle of good operations too?
  13. ^Agreed... I'd hit it... And I'd also like to smack the writer and copy editors around some for screwing up an article that bad. Pathetic really.
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