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What was your first coaster with inversions?

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Tidal Wave @ PGA

Gotta love the 44in Hight Restriction. (I would say I was about 44.1in tall)


Where is it now? SFMW Parking lot? Some guys house in Mexico? It's there, but painted with invisible Paint? Does anyone know?

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my first coaster with inversions was right here at Six Flags St louis, back in the 80s.. we had a looping coaster here, called The Jetscream, it occupied the site where batman stands now. it was later sold to Astroworld and renamed Viper- and they also added a tunnel.

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Incredible Hulk at IOA. I was 13 or 14 years old at the time, and pretty scared of roller coasters. My friend made me get on it (the park was brand new, so neither of us knew about the launch - imagine MY surprise!), and now she's responsible for creating a roller coaster FIEND.

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Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - before I was 8 (when my folks moved down to London) - do I feel old now.....


Can still remember the TV show (Jim'll Fix It, for the UK peeps) where the scout troop took McDonalds on with them - cue milk shake over face shot and burgers flying. Then all over again - backwards. Hehe.

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