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  1. I think as long as the Splashwater Falls area remains unused, speculation every year or two will involve some coaster taking its spot
  2. That yellow looks like orange. Been a while since I've been to KI, but if it's orange, wouldn't that represent the colors Top Gun (gray and red) and The Bat (black and orange)? It would also explain the fresh and dead flowers and wreaths. Dead flowers for the old Bat and fresh flowers for the current Bat.
  3. SFOG on Monday or Sunday is a better option. Saturdays in the summer are a nightmare. Even the Flash Pass lines are long sometimes (especially for Superman). If you have no other option, then make sure you get in the park early to get a gold q-bot and be ready to curse out the people who jump line in the Batman que. As for your credits, make Goliath your first ride as it's the third closest coaster to the entrance. If Deja Vu is running, line up for it or q-bot it quickly cuz you never know if it's actually going to run all day. As for the Cyclone, I would suggest to ride that later on during the day. I agree that the first row in the last car does give you some mad ejector air, but at the same time it'll rough you up pretty good. Canyon Blaster is a fun lil kiddie coaster, probably one of the best kiddie coasters that I've been on.
  4. 1. S:ROS (SFNE) 2. Goliath (SFOG) 3. Apollo's Chariot (BGE) 4. El Toro (SFGAdv) 5. Millenium Force (CP) 6. Kumba (BGT) 7. Voyage (HW) 8. Montu (BGT) 9. Nitro (SFGAdv) 10. Raptor (CP)
  5. 1. Montu 2. Top Gun The Jet Coaster 3. DD Fire 4. DD Ice 5. Raptor Special Honorable mention to B:TR for starting it all.
  6. Hey I'm from WV and I can read that sign. I worked 20 years for my edumakation
  7. I used to live 10 minutes from Camden Park, but I visited PKI more than Camden just because of what you saw in the pics. Try visiting that place when the "Soggy Bottom Boys" are having a concert.
  8. I don't think it's that, nor is it the fact that people don't like these particular coasters. It's just the opinions of where the coasters should rank. For instance, Nitro is a great ride but I just happen to feel like Raging Bull and Goliath at SFOG (new and yet to be ranked) should be ranked higher than Nitro because to me they are better rides. Doesn't mean I don't like Nitro.
  9. The genetically deprived S:ROS at SFA. I love the one at SFNE, but I felt cheated after riding the one at SFA. Oh, and I can add Nitro to the list too. All the other B&M hypers are much better.
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