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  1. I was just thinking that since Wicked is there, I think you guys should go there again.
  2. Man, I moved out of state, >< I can't ride it and I don't want to drive 5 hours to ride it. Lagoon has pulled all the stops on it. And its even a good colored one. not pink purple. Which is a shocker to me.
  3. Its preety dead, It needs members. Please Join Mod Edit: You might want to read the rules of TPR, cause this kind of thing is definitely not allowed
  4. I have heard you guys made a video. Is that True?
  5. The only way it would make a coaster underground is to get soaked. Wild makes it even easier to go underground. Back on topic: Awsomeness Coaster!
  6. I have heard that Lagoon is getting a new coaster that will top every other coaster in the park. Its said its supposed to be 120 ft tall. Maybe that will bring Robb into Lagoon again.
  7. I work there too, The management needs to be fixed but the rides are ok and usually won't find them in any other park, Like the Fire Dragon.
  8. Then They should go to the one in Logan, Utah.
  9. YAY! Now I need to go to Logan when I get some free time, and that If my car can get there XD
  10. Maybe next time you come to Utah, Which is proably next year, they will have a new roller coaster in front of the Fire Dragon.
  11. SFMM needs to contact S&S Power, they know how to fix X. They just built one in Japan, and its almost the same design.
  12. There is Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah, USA and a upcoming one from S&S power in Logan, Utah. I was Just wondering if you been there or not.
  13. Nice shots of it, I have to wait for an hour just to watch the movie
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