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  1. I dreamed that i were in some place named "Cape Carnival" And there was this dive machine that went off some cliff. But it didnt get up again so evrybody slammed into eachother.
  2. Died out of no reason. Suddenly the roof fell in and some big bulky dude came in and shouted...
  3. ALL HAIL FLIPDUDE! Dude.. That is so goddamn awesome. What is that song in the last vid?
  4. Dude, The Wii looks fucking small. And even though i have never tried it, i still want it. But i'll stick to my 360 for now. *gets ready for flaming*
  5. I watch this sometimes when its on. But in my opinion House is better.
  6. Lol. I cant juggle. I had Pancakes (Lol onewheeled), fish soup (eeeew!) And hamburgers for dinner today.
  7. 'Oh lol.. first post in over 2 months 1. i love aviation. 2. I hang out at a lot of Flight Sim forums.. 3. I can make my thumb jump out of its socket on purpouse.. 4. I'm low.. 5. I'm 12... *gets ready to get bashed* Lol
  8. You guys have awesome garbage trucks! and yeah, they should mount a cow catcher on the janitors lorry.. great TR
  9. Bomber Alvey would be awesome.. guess he would earn some respect from the "war guys" at school
  10. Aww man.. i want to go to japan.. but me not money enough.. But the spain trip might be within my reach...
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