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  1. Can we keep my thread civilised and friendly please
  2. Thanks for the kind comments, nice to know all my hard work pays off! I plan to put a large B&M floorless in and maybe a hyper coaster.
  3. Thx. It's not finished yet, still got lot to add.
  4. Added some more detail to the bobsleigh... Started work on the next section of the park. Still alot to be done... Here's a short promo video of the park so far... More soon.
  5. Added a bobsleigh ride, Alpine Dash to the area... Queue time info. I'd not queue 40mins for my rides!
  6. Wild Wood area just about complete.... Starbucks kiosk
  7. Small update: Fair area just about complete... Maccy D's...
  8. Think you've got the wrong set. http://www.sebar.com/shyguy/shy-Circus_Center_Set.zip
  9. Imagine one flying into your face at top speed!
  10. If you click the fences icon in game they should be listed near the bottom, and also under the wall/building icon. Did you extract to the "Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3\Style\Themed" folder?
  11. I'd recommend this set, it's futuristic and very adaptable. Includes a lift chain motor too!
  12. Update... Britannia Fair section almost complete... Kiddie coaster, Bug Rush A night shot showuing off the cool coloured lights I've updated the clock tower and just noticed how "phallic" it looks! More soon...
  13. I created a pic in Paint Shop Pro and loaded it to a billboard, they're part of the Wild! expansion.
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