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  1. At least it was considerate enough to bring it's own lubricant! "I'm trying to think of a good penis joke to make here, but one just isn't coming to my head."
  2. Thank you to all the men that have deemed a "boob grab" as deplorable behavior. Among friends...it's fine. I understand that. There are 2 consenting adults. But when a complete stranger does it, it is certainly not funny. IT IS A VIOLATION. When a strange man inappropriately touches a woman, there are so many things that go through a woman's head, surprise, shock, embarrassment, shame. She has to process all that to figure out what to do. A lot of men just don't get how vulnerable a woman is. Most men can overpower us and do whatever they want. An unwanted "boob grab" is just a prelude to that. I was in a similar situation in college in the library. Once the guy touches you, your mind is gone. The rest of the day is spent looking over your shoulder wondering if he's following you, where he is, and what could possibly happen. And what did I do to have him touch me? I was simply sitting at a table studying. National newsworthy? No. But it is has to be newsworthy in order to get the guy and bring attention to all you other men that this is not right. And please understand, it is not a laughing matter, and the women do not "ask for it". That's just B.S.
  3. I agree with the "flat" comment, due to the missing white borders, and also find the text harder to read.
  4. I am a person who lurks on the website because posting is not my thing. I'm not that interested in buying dvds, and my work schedule prevents me from taking trips longer than 2 days. I have gone to Bay Area Bash, and have met up with Robb & Elissa on a couple of occasions. So other than that, I do not spend much money on TPR. Having a membership would now allow me to support TPR in a way that fits my situation. Even after little contact with R & E, I see what they do and how they do it. It's obvious that they try to make each situation the best possible. Support...don't support. Everybody has a choice.
  5. I would think it depends on how much you already know about Walt and Disneyland. Since I believe you worked out at Disney World, do you need more information about Walt? I've done every tour except the Halloween one. That one we are doing later this month, because we got several recommendations for it, and one of the best things about some tours is that you get to go on certain rides as a group, without waiting in the lines. And the Halloween tour is going on 4 attractions between the 2 parks. Discover the Magic Tour is geared towards young children. Since we had done all the others, and it was the last on the list, we decided to go ahead and do it. But they kept asking us if we realized it was for kids. We said yes, several times. The tour was a treasure hunt and we got to act completely silly all around the park. Cruzin' DCA is fun. We've done it 2 times now. But it's not that you get that much information about the park or anything, but you get to see DCA early in the morning and learn how to ride a Segway, which is a blast. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the video Hector. Confirms that Carl and I made the right choice to head down there later in the month.
  7. The Zip Line attraction is worth the $40 upcharge. It's a great way to spend an hour and a half. Check out Eric & Misty's Smoke Mountain Adventure thread for things to do in the area. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=50372
  8. The Legend of Neil http://www.effinfunny.com/legend-of-neil
  9. Robb & Elissa- Thank you for a really terrific day! The management at SFDK (coasters & animals) was one of the highlights, and getting to meet them and talk to them is something that we wouldn't have been able to do without you guys. I was able to see another side to my home park and can appreciate it more. Meeting all the animals -Awesome (the river otter is my favorite!) The 15 minute head start on Medusa -Awesome Lunch with furry animals (and Tyler) -Awesome Night time ERT -Awesome Tony Hawk Challenge -Awesome watching all you fools getting wet, soaked, or doused on a chilly night! Carl & I thank you for the relaxing and fun day and look forward to more in the future.
  10. CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!! PEOPLE! Don't piss off Robb! Robb-do you need me to overnight you some chocolate & cream cheese muffins to calm you down?? I'm happy to do it!
  11. The event sounds like it was great, and the management at Magic Mountain is really stepping up. How can we make the same thing happen at other Six Flags parks, such as Discovery Kingdom? As my home park, it would be great to be as proud of the park as people now seem to be about Magic Mountain. The commitment level seems high at Magic Mountain, is it the same for the other parks?
  12. I'm assuming that even if it is Disney, they still have to give precedence to the fire marshall. They can stop any show at any time for any reason. The releasing of the balloon helps determine how the winds are at different altitudes. It could be calm down below, but not up top. So they have to take into account which direction and speed the wind is at. That determines where the debris is going to hit, and how the smoke will clear. We've found that the majority of the public that watches fireworks, don't understand the consequences of falling debris. They think the closer to them the better, but that puts them in the fallout zone, and there have been several times I'm glad to have a hard hat on. Each shoot is different. We had a shoot at a high school and were basically in a wind tunnel, and we were shooting from the ground and also the roof. The fire marshall let us begin the show, warning us that they might cancel it midway, but we were surprised we got to shoot all the product. We had another shoot where the wind completely died down when we started shooting. That leaves a lot of smoke in the sky and makes it harder to see the fireworks. It's just a crap shoot. But there's nothing more depressing that setting up for a show, just to have it cancelled, and have to pull the shells from the mortars and pack them back up with no BOOM.
  13. For the first time in ages, I'm not cooking the dinner! But only because my parents and grandmother have made the move to TN already without me. So nobody to cook for except the dogs. I'll be heading to Napa for dinner at a friend's house, and trying to convince Carl that even though there will be a couple of kids, it won't be all that bad. BTW-Next time Carl's down there, put KT in his arms and take a picture of him for me. Don't worry, you'll get KT back in about 5 seconds.
  14. Oh Robb... I was going to mail you some of those chocolate muffins you like so much! I guess Carl will have to eat them all himself, as I, too, need to lose about 30 pounds. Unless Elissa wants them all to herself? Linda
  15. So really, what's the point of Thomas Town? When they built the one at Discovery Kingdom (still referred to as Marine World!) I was all excited to take my god sons since they love Thomas. All that's there is Bertie the Bus, Harold the Helicopter and Thomas. That's it. And with Harold the Helicopter, there's a height restriction for the adults. You have to be under 5'7", to accompany your child, so if the parents don't meet that, then the smaller kids can't ride! That's ridiculous. We do have Sir Topham Hat, but the kids avoid him like the plague. It's a total disappointment. And it's madness that when you get off of Thomas, you have to walk through the store. It just creates a pile up and kids are screaming because their parents aren't buying them something. I see no point of having Thomas Town at Discovery Kingdom.
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