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  1. great trip report did u ride Powerpark's new flatride/towerride Fiesta Mexicana ? and how was this? did u also ride Kieppi at linnanmäki? and if you rode it, what was your thoughts ?
  2. Tulireki, Linnanmäki Trombi, Särkänniemi Cobra, Powerpark Thunderbird, Powerpark btw I'm going to Linnanmäki 6.7 so then I hope for testing Kirnu
  3. quite old but I'll show you: http://www.aspro-ocio.es/aspro/noticias.php?id=cw45ec4c231fd33&pag=0 Hope they will build these parks bigger and better (more rides ). and here is some photos of Nokkakivi opening day: http://www.huvipuistoseura.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=645 and then some pics of powerpark's new shoppingstreet:
  4. Powerpark has now open fiesta mexicana and the new junior coaster... pics: Fiesta Mexicana
  5. right over the rapids river, here are some pics of the lay out:
  6. ^^ I'm not sure but there have been a lot of discussion about it and they will sure add a new ride wehen they didn't add a new ride this year...
  7. Powerpark will also add a new thrill ride called Fiesta Mexicana and a kiddie coaster called Mine Train this year... For next year Särkänniemi will expand their dolphinarium...
  8. KingOfNynex2003: thanks, Thunderbird is a great woodie, much airtime, great drops and tight helixes, Cobra is better than a normal boomerang, cause the new seats are comfortable, Joyride is a family coaster. coastermaniac1: Yeah, I like the themeing in cobra, thunderbird, piovra area (and coming fiesta mexicana) too. And yes I don't really like these fair looking places, bbut it have been better that too... kennywood!007: yeah same thoughts here
  9. thanks! maybe it's because there's many people in finland that don't know about powerpark... Linnanmäki and Särkänniemi is still more popular than powerpark and powerpark don't do much commercials, sometimes on tv and sometimes on any magazine...it sucks btw the new ride looks like this: I think it will be a great addition
  10. thanks coasterdude05 forgot to mention that powerpark is building for a new flat ride called Fiesta Mexicana it's a 30m high wave swinger, it will be ready for end of june... they are also building a kiddie mine train coaster still this year and some more themeing....
  11. my first park for this season was powerpark the park was empty and the weather was ok, but it rained last hour, but I get to ride the most of rides. The new ride for 2007 was a new dark ride were you shoot targets while the ride. First time I thought it was lame and it didn't scarie me, but then I rode it 2-3 times again and then it was fun to shoot. Here's the pics: europes biggest indoor go-cart, power palace in the background the new dark ride behind the trees wave swinger, typhoon and joyride cobra's station ferris wheel Thunderbird joyride the castle were we ate getting near
  12. looking cool, but it's going to be very short as many finnish coasters :S I'm happy that someone posts pics of Kirnu because I live like 600km from helsinki, thanks tömmioh!
  13. Sorry for doubleposting but powerpark have now confirmed news for 2007: They will also build a galleon themed Rockin' tug it will be placed were the flying carpet were placed, between the south gate and mega drop... and it's confirmed now that Gosetto will build the ghosthotel, 4 peoples each car and you can shoot targets, and when you hit a target something will move on.
  14. they have a wild western themed area ready, and the shopping gate will be themed to rome...
  15. There goes rumours that it will be italian manufacturing Gosetto that will build the dark ride... someone have experiences of Gosetto's dark rides?
  16. yeah, I have heard about some coaster projects too And thunderbird is really a great ride
  17. I dont know, it hasn't been officially released get, but they said that to a newspaper...
  18. Powerpark get some news again, a ghost ride where you go by yourself and then ride in a train and shooting something, it will be 200m long , a 100m long shopping gate and a horse stall. http://www.powerpark.fi/English/gallery_0007.html http://www.screamscape.com/html/powerpark_0.htm so what do you think? how could the ghost ride be?
  19. I understand you Robb but these teenagers (like me) are on every forum... I'm trying to spell better and not to make any pointless topics...
  20. yay särkänniemi I didn't feel any roughness in Trombi, and I liked the flying feeling in it
  21. Kirnu - linnanmäki, finland Horská Drahá - lunapark, czech at least these... Maybe: all Europa Park coasters Gröna Lund's new family coaster
  22. how long is it to europa park from prague?
  23. how long is it to europa park from prague?
  24. how long is it to europa park from prague?
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