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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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How ironic that a Freefall "free fell" to its death!


I wonder how long SFMM's Freefall has left?




Rumors point out that Magic Mountain's Freefall will be discontinued sometime after Fright Fest 2007 concludes. My guess is that will go down around the same time Flashback is being taken apart.

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Well i would think the age of the ride had a lot to do with it IMO (and of course making room for the new coaster).


Six Flags has scraped 4 of them now I think.


I loved/hated the one at SFOG. It was such an awesome drop, but when it engaged the transfer it hurt like the dickens.


I think Free Fall was probably my first drop tower of any sort and that was around 86 or 87.


rest in pieces.


On the subject of the ones left:


Demon Drop @ CP (for sale)

SFMM's one is still operating I think.


Any more left in the states?

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So, even though I was sad to see this historic ride go down (I think it was the first-ever Int Freefall ride), I admit that I was pretty geeked to see a video posted....


3.. (holding breath)

2... (waiting to see it implode)

1... (anxious to see lots of smoke and hear a huge explosion, and see the tower just collapse into itself)




(tower simply lays down)


WTF? That's IT???


I think they should've designed some sort of stunt show around it with that being the climax. At least there would've been entertainment.

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Aww, that was my first drop ride! I just got into amusement parks when my family went to Texas in 2002 when I was 11. I remember that ride being "okay" with me getting very delusional afterwards and my legs being wobbly. I didn't hate it, but it was painful in a few ways. And off topic, we watched a video of the Freefall at Magic Mountain taken in the 80s (and the park looked nice btw with green grass everywhere and no dominating Riddler's Revenge) in Physics class where they analyzed free-fall. I'll miss Wildcatter for sentimental reasons

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I've skipped ahead (sorry) and not read all the replies but here's a couple reasons (which may or may not have appeared in this thread earlier- again, sorry for skipping, but I still have dial-up and AOL is being really slow for me tonight).


1.) They had no buyer for the ride and the cost was probably the same for dismantling in a traditional manner.


2.) Free Photo Op, Free Photo Op, Free Photo Op. By blowing something up you automatically get FREE PRESS in which to show not only your park, random destruction, but is also a teaser- venue in which to promote your new ride.


Just my .02

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I Remember going to SFOT in the mid 80's and thinking that was the most dangerous ride

I remember waiting over an hour for that thing in 1992 (my first freefall) It was so cool. RIP


sorta OT but why was the name changed from Texas Cliffhanger, I loved that name.



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